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Best Leg Press Machine Reviews for Home Gym

    It is a fact that after the squat, the most useful equipment to develop the strength and size of the thigh muscles is the leg press machine. With the help of it, you can handle far heavier weights that leads to bigger muscles. Also, it puts less stress on your lower back and knees.

    If you are searching for a leg machine for home, there are some quality models you can choose from in different price range. In this guide, I give you information about the best leg press machines, and you will learn how to buy a good one.


    1. TDS Premier Vertical Leg Press – High Capacity & Comfortable

    vertical leg press workout machine

    My rating: | Price: $799.95

    This exercise equipment is perfect for the development of your hamstrings, glutes, calves, and quadriceps. The vertical leg presses strengthen and define the muscles of your lower body through the regular use of the right moves. It allows for stance variations, and you can target specific muscle groups more intensely.

    This cheap leg press machine is advantageous in that it can be used without a spotter. It offers you the freedom to work out alone at home, and if you work out out at the gym, you do not have to ask for help. You can use it to lift as much weight as possible and still be able to rerack it yourself. It is extremely safe to use on a solo mission.

    TDS leg weight machine


    • Very reliable machine made with heavy-duty steel framing for durability and the finish is superb.
    • Mounted on 8 heavy-duty rollers that ensure a smooth ride up and down.
    • Comes with an oversized footplate which provides a range of leg positions.
    • It has an impressive range of motion which allows even the tallest user to get full extension and contraction.
    • The carriage can come all the way down to the back pad for a full leg extension.
    • Deluxe 3-inch thick padding to offer maximum lower back support.
    • It comes with a number of heavy duty stoppers that prevent you from getting stuck under the heavy iron.
    • An extra wide steel deck foot plate for maximum foot support
    • Maximum weight capacity of 1000 pounds.
    • Assembled dimensions: 49 inches x 47 inches x 75 inches (L x W x H).
    • Product weight: 200 pounds.
    • The manufacturer offers an unlimited and unqualified lifetime warranty on the entire equipment.


    • Affordable
    • Outstanding quality
    • Assembly is fairly easy
    • Very sturdy
    • It does not take up a lot of space


    • The instructions for assembly were not straightforward. However, this is a minor issue because the assembly of the equipment is relatively easy and takes roughly 2-3 hours.

    Customers’ reviews

    It has received numerous positive reviews, right from its price to its use. Its craftsmanship has also been praised, and it is definitely great value for your money. Most customers found it to work just as they expected it to and therefore an excellent investment. its use. Its craftsmanship has also been praised, and it is definitely great value for your money. Most customers found it to work just as they expected it to and therefore an excellent investment.

    Customers also found it great because you can use it when working out alone without any risk of injury.


    If you are looking for a great machine but you cannot afford to spend thousands of dollars on it, then the this is the perfect option. Not only is it strongly built for durability, but it is also extremely affordable. Read more reviews here.

    2. Body Solid GPLH1100 Leg Press/Hack Squat Machine – 1000 lb Weight Capacity

    Body Solid GPLH1100

    My rating: | Price: No products found.

    The Body Solid GLPH1100 provides with an excellent way to build your lower body and keep it that way. It is comfortable and sturdy, and it allows you to work on your glutes, calves, and quads while at the same time sparing your joints and bones. This is because it is engineered to provide maximum smoothness during a home workout.

    The Body Solid GLPH1100 provides complete safety and support when performing leg presses, hack squats, and calf presses. While free weight barbell squats may be considered better for building lower body strength and building muscles, this seated leg press machine much more protection for your lower back, making it safer. It offers excellent protection for your lower back compared to standard free weight back squats.


    • Made with extra heavy duty 2-inch x 4 inches, 11 gauge steel tube mainframe which minimizes torsial flex, thus providing maximum strength and stability.
    • The footplate is attached to the main sled and can be set to a 45-degree angle for calf presses.
    • Made with a quad track roller system which operates smoothly and distributes weight evenly.
    • The two back pads utilize a quick flip-and-lock mechanism.
    • Back support adjustments which puts you in the perfect position for training.
    • 3 lockout positions that provide user safety and the option of different stop/start positions.
    • Extra heavy Diamond Plate Foot platforms for both hack squat and leg press positions.
    • Ultra tough double stitched Durafirm back and shoulder pads which are 4 inches thick and contoured for maximum support of shoulder areas and lower back during the hack squats.
    • It comes with Body Solid’s exclusive lifetime, in-home warranty which provides 100% coverage for all parts including normal wear items.
    • Has a large load capacity of 1000 pounds.
    • Product dimensions: 83” x 56” X 56” (L X H x W).
    • Product weight: 300 pounds.


    • The steel construction is robust and of very high quality
    • Switching between the leg exercises is incredibly simple and quick
    • Reasonably priced for its strength
    • Fairly straight forward assembly instructions
    • Very sturdy


    • The Body Solid GPLH1100 takes up more space than standard squat racks due to its length. However, the width has been kept slim, and this helps make up for the extra length.

    Customers’ reviews

    The Body Solid GPLH1100 has received a lot of positive customer reviews from assembly to its use. It has especially been hailed for the ease of switching of workouts from leg presses to hack squats and vice versa. Customers have termed it as “great value for money.”


    If you are looking to buy a linear leg press machine and hack squat machine combo and you are a serious fitness freak, then you should consider the Body Solid GPLH1100, which is ideal for both home and light commercial use. This beast will help you strengthen your legs by offering them a great challenge during workouts, and I highly recommend it. Read more customer reviews at Amazon.

    3. Powerline PVLP156X – Cheap

    Powerline PVLP156X in use

    My rating: | Price: $557.00

    The Powerline Vertical Leg Press machine provides a great platform for building massive muscles through isolated lower body workouts. It gives a great leg workout, and you get to bulk up the lower body at the comfort of your home.

    This thigh exercise machine has a unique vertical design that not only reinforces support for your hips and back but also minimizes the space that you use in performing the workouts. It is a sort of mini leg press that can easily fit into basements, garages, and bedrooms and is, therefore, perfect for homes with limited space


    • Made with a durable alloy steel frame that makes it hold up for long term use.
    • It has tough electronically applied powder coat finish.
    • An extra thick back pad and a contoured neck and head pad for proper position and comfort during calf raises and presses.
    • A dual adjustable ½ inch steel locking pins, with 3 different starting and stopping positions as per the comfort level of the user, individual height, and length of the legs.
    • An extra wide and solid diamond plate steel press deck for no-slip control and safety.
    • 1-inch standard plate posts that allow increased resistance for a progressive challenge in every workout.
    • An extra wide foot plate with non-slip design.
    • Nylon bushings for a smooth, consistent motion, thus giving you a safe and convenient low body exercise.
    • Thick neck and back pads for maximum support and comfort.
    • You can also buy Olympic Adapter Sleeves, weight plates, and collars which are optional.
    • Dimensions 54- 61 inches x 46inches x 48 inches (H x L x W).
    • Weight capacity of 400 pounds.
    • It comes with a ten-year Powerline warranty on the frame and 1-year warranty on parts.


    • Easy to assemble, takes about an hour and a half to set up
    • Small footprint ideal for any home gym
    • Produces no squeaks or other noises during workouts
    • Highly affordable
    • Very sturdy


    A few shipping problems


    If you want fitness equipment that will give you maximum leg work out and you do not have much space in your house, then I recommend that you consider buying this model. It requires very little storage space and therefore can fit into the bedroom or garage comfortably. Read more reviews here.

    4. XMark Leg Press Hack Squat Machine – Commercial Graded

    My rating: | Price: Price not available

    The XMark Leg Press Hack Squat XM-7616 helps you build lower body strength by allowing you to perform hack squats and presses without a spotter. It is among the few designs that incorporate the hack squat option. It helps you target your hamstrings, quads, and glutes that are not used during other leg workouts.

    The XMark XM-7616 allows you a high weight limit of up to 1,000 pounds without the risk of getting stuck under the bar as is likely to happen with squats., Standard barbell squats are also likely to put a lot of strain on your lower back, but the smooth motion of the padded lumbar support and hack squat sled make this an excellent machine for protecting your knee joints and lower back.

    The added safety gives you the confidence to lift higher weights for more reps and is critical for reaching your full size and strength potential.

    Key features

    • Ergonomically designed to make an already safe fitness machine even safer.
    • Has an 11 gauge 2” x 2” and 2” x 3” steel mainframe construction which gives maximum stability and guarantees you long workouts over and over again.
    • The steel frame has a baked on, scratch resistant powder coat finish.
    • Four different adjustments on footboards and back rests with the use of a simple locking pin to create angles that target specific sections of your legs.
    • It comes with padded dual shoulder braces, padded headrest, and back pad for maximum comfort.
    • Ultra-thick 3” Duracraft cushions for firm support.
    • Double stitched, tear-resistant, Duraguard vinyl which is durable.
    • Comes with convenient safety locks that engage quickly.
    • Skid resistant feet that are durable and are permanently secured to protect floors.
    • Ideal for in-home use, commercial, and light institutional use.
    • Has a total load capacity of 1000 pounds.
    • Dimensions when assembled: 87” L X 36.5” W.
    • It comes backed by the X-Mark brand lifetime in-home warranty.


    • Easy to switch weight out of its locked position
    • Easy to adjust to preferred height and range of motion
    • Very sturdy
    • High weight limit


    It comes with poor assembly instructions. This, however, is not a big deal as the steel construction of this leg machine is relatively straightforward.


    The X-Mark XM-7616 has received a lot of positive reviews, especially because of the squat hack option which gives you more value for your money. Many customers were also highly impressed by the high weight capacity of this product.

    If you want to build, sculpt, and define your body and you have the space for a 45 degree commercial leg press machine, then look no further than the XMark XM-7616. Backed by the quality that XMark provides, this product is definitely one that I highly recommend. Check out the Amazon reviews here.

    5. Powertec Seated Leg Press

    powertec fitness leg press

    My rating: | Price: Price not available

    This is a fantastic incline machine that supports your strength training goals by allowing you to perform both calf raises and leg raises with an incredible 1000 pound maximum load across 4 weight horns. It caters for people of all abilities and allows systematic progression to the highest fitness level.

    It comes in a unique horizontal design, making it different from many other seated leg press machines in the sense that you get to push the weight down instead of up. This makes it very compact and perfect for limited spaces in your home, and it can fit easily into your garage or bedroom.


    Powertec brand offers a lifetime warranty on structural frame, 5-year warranty on moving frames, two-year warranty on components such as locking pins and linear bearings, and one year warranty on grips, pads, and other unspecified parts.


    • Easy to get on and train
    • Excellent stability, comfortable positioning and smooth motion.
    • Fairly priced and of high quality
    • Very sturdy


    The footplate is a little slippery, but this is a minor issue because the proper pair of shoes during a workout provides the necessary grip to prevent sliding.


    If you want an 45 degree incline leg press machine that gives you great lower body workouts to build muscle, I recommend you look no further than this machine. It will provide you a great workout, and at the same time, you will enjoy maximum comfort because it is made with that in mind. Check out more reviews here.

    Buying Guide & Tips

    If you are a fitness expert or into fitness, chances are you a pondering about the best leg press machine. Machines do evolve, and this is one of them. But, what is the leg press machine? On most occasions, you have strolled into a gym and never bothered about this good old weight training equipment. Why should you use it exactly, with all the other fun stuff like aerobics and power lifting?

    However, before I go further, let us take the time to look at the leg press machine benefits itself, perhaps it may persuade you the next time you hit the gym. A leg press exercise is simply a weight training exercise where you use your legs to push objects of varying weights. This move evaluates a person lower body strength and if done incorrectly might lead to serious injuries.

    Leg presses focus on building four muscle groups in your lower body; calves, glutes, quads and hamstrings. Moreover, this exercise activates abdominal muscles and burn calories fast.

    There are two versions:

    • The seated leg press
    • The vertical or diagonal leg press machine

    What To Look For When Buying?

    Most machines, as with other home gym leg weight machines are expensive. Therefore, you may not want to lose money over a model that wouldn’t serve its purpose for long and wouldn’t be efficient. Each apparatus is different coming with its own set of characteristics and design. So it would be prudent to give it a little thought, just like any device that you need to purchase.

    Leg presses prices are usually determined by the size, components, complexity in design, and production cost.

    Horizontal, Incline or Vertical?

    vertical vs traditional machine

    Pro-fitness trainers will swear upon there being no difference between the two leg exercises, horizontal and vertical. Albeit, the little difference available matters when you decide to work on specific muscle groups.

    Additionally, those who work out at their homes, tend to prefer vertical leg presses as they are economical regarding space. Easily fitted in a corner and once used to the desired degree can be folded and stored away under the bed. Easy as it goes there.

    Another known factor in choosing is the complicated nature of the apparatus itself. The vertical ones are more hard to work on since you’ll be going against gravity, whereas the horizontal leg press machines are easier and fluid, however, they do gobble up space.

    Therefore, as you think about what type to purchase, bear in mind the size of your quarters and how focused are you about working out.

    Which type of leg press machine is better for you?

    The horizontal version is the easiest and most comfortable to use. Hence, a better choice for beginners. But, since the maximum load is limited, it is not suitable for advanced athletes.

    The traditional inline version is the gold-mid path suitable for everyone.

    The vertical press machine is the most comfortable for the back but requires practice to learn the correct form. It is a fact that some bodybuilders prefer the vertical press as they can target their quads better. At the gym, if there is not a vertical leg machine, you can use the Smith machine instead, but it is not as comfortable.

    Weight Type

    In general, there are two categories depending on their resistance. One uses weight plates to set the resistance while the other adjusts resistance via the machine mechanism.

    The latter category models are expensive due to their complexity and design, but are easier to use and are safer than the former. Remember, we are trying to eliminate the little risk available of having the weight plates falling over you.

    There are also plate loaded models. However, they come minus their weight, which you’ll need to buy separately. Think of the plated as an upgradable device, where the longer you use it, the more weighted plates you’ll buy. Thus, in the long run, the plated will become expensive.


    I’ll be straightforward with this one here. I trust that you’d like your machine to do more than, well, leg presses. Therefore, before rushing off to purchase one, ensure your fitness equipment can do more for you. For instance, incorporate, calf raises and hack squats.

    It should be clear that the objective here is to work all muscle groups located in the lower body. Anything less than that is a poor investment on your part.

    Bearing Quality

    The bearings are the components that reduce friction enabling you to have a smooth leg press machine workout session. Ensure the material these bearings are made of are robust and durable, for instance, steel. Plastic is a no, no, therefore, inspect the device carefully.

    Bearings constructed of high-quality material will further promote its durability. Poor materials will leave your movements feeling awkward not forgetting the wear and tear it will undergo leaving you with nothing but pulleys and empty pockets.


    Before buying, measure carefully how much space you have at home and the size of the leg machines. Keep in mind that you need a few feet around the item to use it comfortably and change the weights. If you have a lack of space, you may want to choose a vertical machine instead, since it is more compact.


    As you see they are not cheap, but it is not hard to find a leg press machine for sale. If you want to train at home with average weight, you can by a cheaper one. But for powerlifting or commercial use, you will need a more expensive model.

    How to use the leg press machine correctly

    Due to their design, it is generally safe. However, using it the wrong way can hurt you bad. It is critical to learn the correct form.

    Under proper guidance, the leg press machine is relatively easy to use. It is easy to learn the correct form.

    First, you get into position, ensure your back is comfortably firm on the backrest. Then securely place your feet on the selected foot pads and push. Extend those legs slowly feeling every muscle twitch until the end across the weight platform. Ensure to use the whole sole and leg muscle groups including the glutes and not just the heels and your quads.

    Now, focus on doing the reverse of the same thing. Incorporate the same rhythm as before. Lower your legs, make a 90-degree angle with your knees, do it slowly don’t rush to prevent any injuries on your knee sections.

    Last but not on the list, please, don’t be a hero. Being a master of the leg press exercise takes time and practice, not forgetting the dedication put into it. Therefore, lift only what your body is capable of and that which the body can withstand. Setting the resistance too high is a sure way to injury and accident.

    Benefits & Muscles Worked

    muscles worked

    • With various stances you can target your glutes, hamstrings, quads and calves for size and definition. Hence, you can have a total lower body strength training. Learn the different types of leg press exercises here.
    • The exercises are easy to learn so good choice for people starting bodybuilding.
    • Safe to lift heavy weight without a spotter.

    Learn more about the benefits here.

    As I conclude, leg presses are among best leg exercises you can do that not only improve and stabilize your lower half but also augment your physical capabilities beyond the max. Whether you are doing them as an exercise or as a warm up session, it’s a good idea buying the machine. I hope this detailed guide will serve its purpose in helping you select the best home gym equipment for your benefit.

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    1. Is leg press as good as barbell squat? I’m a beginner. I found working out with this machine is more comfortable, and I can use bigger weights, but it is said squat is the king of the lower body exercises.

      1. There is no question that squat is best for the leg muscles. However, the best is if you combine the two. On the other hand, if you cannot perform the squat correctly and safely for some reason, this machine is the best alternative.

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