Leg Press Variations for Better Lower Body Training

leg press variations

There is no doubt that the good old squat is the ultimate exercise to develop the size and the power of the legs. But if you have been into muscle building you know that training muscles in different ways are a must to get the best results.

The leg press exercise is maybe the second most important weight training exercise for the lower body after the squat. It also develops strength and size efficiently. You can also lift more weights that may motivate you. Besides, it is a good alternative for squat if you have back or spine problems, since it put less stress on those areas. Hence, it is recommended to have it in your lower body workout program.

Most of the people just sit into the leg press machine and use the traditional foot position that works mainly the quad muscles. However, by changing the position of your feet, you can target one particular leg muscle more. Since this is a compound move, it is impossible to isolate one muscle group totally, but by placing your feet differently, you can put more resistance to one particular area such as you hamstrings, quads, glutes or your calves.

Guide to leg press foot placement variations

The editors of stupidsimplefitness.com have put together an excellent infographic from which you can learn how different positions work different parts of your legs. Therefore, if you do these variations, you can train your entire lower body. But, keep in mind that squat and its variations are still the king of the leg exercises.

leg press foot placements
Leg press exercise variations


Let’s recap what you’ve learned

  • The standard placement works your entire leg but this is the leg press foot placement for quads.
  • The wide stance works your inner quadriceps and abductors.
  • The narrow stance trains your outer quadriceps and also your abductors.
  • The high placement is good for your glutes and hams.
  • The low foot placement trains your quads more.
  • And finally, by placing your feet at the edge of the platform, you can develop your calves. The advantage of these moves allow you to work with heavy weights safely, that may lead to efficient calf size development.

Note: No matter which technique you choose focus on getting full range of motion which the best way to build strength and muscle mass. That is true not just for leg training, but for any parts of your body.

Tip for pros: Have you ever tried banded leg presses? Fix two rubber bands on the sides of the machine. This way, the resistance will be much more different. For example, it is harder to control the motion in the negative phase. Simple, yet effective method for bodybuilding and powerlifting.

So, the next time you want to do your leg press machine workout, don’t forget to try these variations. They can be very useful if you want to target a muscle group that does not develop as you want. If you liked these tips, you might also like our squat variations article as well.


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