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List of Chest Exercises & How To Do Them Properly

    list of chest exercises

    If you want to train your chest muscles entirely using their all functions, you should include flat, incline, decline presses, chest flys, and pullover exercises.

    Also, you should use free weights and chest exercise machines to attack your pectoralis from all angles. This way your pecs will develop properly. But, do not forget that your chest basically contains only two muscles, the pectoralis mayor and minor. So, there is no need to morsel your training.

    The shape of your pecs mainly depends on your genetics, but with various chest exercises you can build up muscle mass and shape its form.

    Below are chest exercises for men and women with tutorials and tips on how to perform the moves correctly to get the best results.

    Chest Exercises and How to Do Them

    1. Inclined Pushup

    2. Flat Bench Press

    3. Inclined Bench Press

    4. Cable Crossover

    5. Chest Fly

    What’s next?

    Now you have just learned many exercises to strengthen and increase the size of your pecs.

    What’s next?

    You should create a workout with the help of this list. But, what is a good routine?

    Firstly, a good plan workouts all part of your chest. The upper the middle and the lower part of it. For example, if you only do presses on the flat bench you do not engage so much the lower and upper part. Hence, you should include various exercises. In most of the cases, 3-4 exercises will do.

    Also, what is your goal? Do you want to build muscle mass, or develop better definition or you have a section which is weaker than the other parts?

    For building mass, heavy bench presses with low reps are perfect. For definition, you can include cable machine exercises. And, obviously, if you have a weak part, do more reps, sets, and practices for that section. Below you can find more advice on chest training.

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