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Best Lower Abs Workouts to Get V-Cut

    lower abs workout

    Learn how to get the v-cut abs

    Getting v-cut six pack abs is one of the biggest dreams of most of us. It looks good, and it is the symbol of fitness and strength. Unfortunately, I’m among those guys for whom getting that perfect midsection is the hardest thing, especially that v-cut.

    It is a fact that getting great-looking lower abs is the most difficult task. It is mainly because that is the place where the belly fat goes away latest. I have read so many posts on forums in which people complain about that they have lean middle and upper abs, but they cannot get rid of the fat on their lower abdomen.

    They want to know what the best lower abs workouts and exercises are. They wish to know those secret moves.

    The answer is there are no special movements, just low body fat level. And that can be reached with proper diet and cardio workouts to burn those extra calories. If you have ever seen a skinnier guy on the beach, he had pretty good looking stomach, hasn’t he?

    So, if you want to get that perfectly looking v-cut midsection, the fist steps are to pay attention to your diet and do fat burning workouts.

    Does this mean there is no need to do “special” exercises?

    Of course, you should! But there is a misunderstanding about this topic that is there is no such thing like lower abs muscles. As you see, it is just the bottom section of the rectus abdominis and the external obliques. Hence, whenever you do ab workouts, those muscles are engaged more or less.





    Still, some exercises help to strengthen, build and tone that section. And there are a few that even support to lose belly fat. Read on to find which are those.

    What is the best lower abs exercise?

    The most beneficial exercises to engage lower abs are the ones in which we have to use the lower body as resistance.

    Just try it! Do some crunches. Where do you feel it? Mainly, in your upper abs, don’t you?

    Now do some leg raises on the floor. I’m sure you feel it better in your lower abdominals.

    1. Various leg raises

    From my experience leg raises are the best bodyweight abdominal exercises out there, especially for the lower section. There are some variations.

    You can do it on the floor by lifting one or both legs. As you get stronger, you can start doing jackknife.

    If you have a power tower, then you can do knee or leg raises on it (Captain’s Chair). A workout station helps you to keep your back at a straight and stable position and with that, you can perform the moves correctly and by focusing more on your core.

    If you are at higher level of fitness, then you can start doing hanging knee or leg raises using a simple pull up bar. It is harder since there is nothing that can stabilize the move. It is the best exercise for lower abs in my opinion.

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    Watch the tutorials below to see some leg raising variations.


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    2. Mountain Climber & Burpees

    These moves are perfect for not only strengthening the lower abdomen and the obliques but also for burning calories since they are hard compound movements, especially the burpees.

    Check out this video to learn mountain climber variations.


    3. Planks

    While plank is not the best training to burn fat, but it works the entire midsection supremely. It should be in your v-cut abs workout routine.

    4. Ab Wheel

    This simple fitness equipment is maybe the most powerful tool you can have at home to train your entire core. While you roll in and out, not just your abdominal muscles are engaged but also several others such as your chest, lower back, shoulders and arms. Seems to be easy, but performing the move accurately requires existing strength. Get one here. You can also try the sit up bench.



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    5. Saw Pike with TRX or Stability Ball

    Both the fitness ball and TRX are great equipment to do various bodyweight exercises for lower abdomen. The saw pike is a rather simple activity. You need to place your feet on the ball or in the TRX and pull in and then get back to the starting positions. The ball version is maybe a bit harder since it harder to keep the stability of the body.

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    Watch the video to learn how.


    6. Ab V-Hold

    This is a static exercise. You need to raise your legs to about 45 degrees and lean your upper body backwards. Keep this position as long as you can. However, pay attention to your lower back. Keep it straight and if you feel pain, neglect this exercise.


    7. Bicycle Crunch

    A recent study has proved that traditional crunches are among the least beneficial moves for stimulating the abdominal muscles and hips. However, the bicycle crunches are the only exception. That compound movement engages almost all the core muscles. Watch the video below to learn how to do it. If you cannot do it correctly first, start with reverse crunch.


    Example Lower Abs Workouts at Home

    Now you know what are the best v-cut exercises, so let’s see a few lower abs workouts for men and women in which these moves are included.

    1. Best male abs


    2. V-cut workout


    3. Lower stomach exercises for women




    5. More v-line workouts

    abs attack

    Core strengthening exercises for women


    lower abdominal exercises


    To Sum Up

    Now you know how to work out lower abdominals, but do not forget that you can only get that v-cut midsection if you have no fat on your stomach. In case you have some belly fat, try to lose weight by focusing on your nutrition and do cardio to burn extra calories.

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