Learn How to Make Wholesome Breakfast Sandwiches in No Time

If you are into healthy eating and want to lose weight, you know the most important meal of the day is breakfast for sure. That is the meal that activates our body and provides energy for the entire morning.

But, if you like me, who usually spends his mornings in a half-slept state, preparing a wholesome breakfast is painful. Who likes cooking for 20 minutes, before going to work? Me, not at all.

So, I have sandwiches! They are easy to put together, tasty and mobile. If you have everything in the fridge prepared, it does not take more than 5 minutes to build a “king, super-duper healthy sandwich.”

How to do them? What sorts of ingredients are the best?

The following infographic from clevelandclinic.org will show you.




Let’s Recap What You Need for An Awesome Morning Sandwich

  • A portion protein source. I prefer eggs or lean meat.
  • A portion of veggies to give it a fresh look and get the dose of vitamins, minerals and fiber. I put my vote on tomatoes and pepper.
  • A layer of whole wheat bread or tortilla. I used to have bread, but these days I make my tortillas. They taste better and can be stored for a few days.
  • And a portion of toppings to make your breakfast sandwich complete. Be careful with the typical toppings you can buy in stores, though. They usually hold tons of calories and other unwanted ingredients. I always make my toppings from natural ingredients.

If you have something healthy left from your latest dinner, you can use that as well. For example, the salad or the meat. Why would you throw those goodies away, if you can reuse them?

That is all you need! And your morning starts healthy!

The next time you want to miss your breakfast or want to have something junk, remember how easy it is to make a healthy and yummy sandwich!

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