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Best 11 Marcy Exercise Equipment Reviews

    In this post, I’ll show you some of the best Marcy exercise equipment available today. Marcy is a USA manufacturer selling gym stuff for many decades. Their products are at an affordable price, but quality pieces that are perfect for home gyms. So, you can’t go wrong with your purchase.

    Here I list the best buy items for weight lifting, strength training, and cardio.

    Marcy Workout Equipment for Strength Training

    Marcy Smith Cage

    1. Marcy Smith Machine / Cage System (MD-9010G)

    • Over 100 strength exercises
    • Rack/Smith machine/bench/cable crossover

    If your primary focus is lifting weight, look no further. This weight training equipment is packed with all the required workout stations to build muscle at home.

    The Olympic smith bar allows you to safely do the most beneficial barbell exercises such as squat and bench press. You don’t need a spotter since the machine is equipped with a bar catches.

    The MD-9010G Marcy Diamond workout machine also features a low and high cable system. There are high cable crossovers at the front and at the back, a low pulley with a footrest. That means you can expand your workout routine with a wide range of cable exercises.

    We also get an adjustable weight bench with a preacher curl pad and dual-function leg developer. Plus, all the required accessories such as a lat bar, triceps rope, short bar, pulley handles, ankle cuffs, etc.

    That means if you get the Marcy Smith Cage, you will have a complete home gym. You don’t need to buy other equipment for weight training at all. Of course, the weight plates aren’t included in the machine.

    MD-9010 is the best choice among the Marcy weight machines if the user’s primary goal is to lift weights and build impressive muscle mass.

    Multifunctional Home Gym

    2. Marcy Stack Home Gym Machine (MWM-990)

    • Over 30 exercise options
    • 150lb resistance

    The MWM-990 Marcy exercise machine is more compact than the previous one. However, it still provides a large number of exercise options to strengthen the major muscle groups.

    The resistance is generated by weight stacks that let us pick the appropriate weight for our fitness level. We need to pull and push the safety lock to get the required load. The maximum capacity is 150 lb, which enough for an average level user.

    The Marcy machine features a lat pulldown section, chest press arms, leg developer, and removable biceps curl pad. Hence, you can do multiple exercises for each body part.

    I recommend this Marcy gym for someone who has limited space at home and wants to improve strength safely and comfortably.

    Cage System Workout Station

    3. Marcy Cage (MWM-7041)

    • Power rack with pulley system
    • Open cage design

    A power rack is essential strength equipment if we want to do free weight training with a barbell. Without a cage, we can’t do exercises such as bench press or squat safely without a spotter.

    This Marcy gym equipment is more than a rack, though. It’s equipped with a high and low pulley system to have a more versatile workout with cable exercises. The pull-up bar and dip handles are also fantastic opportunities to add bodyweight exercises to your strength training.

    The maximum weight capacity of the safety catches, and bar catches are 300 lbs. That’s enough for most people for home training, but not enough for someone who wants to lift heavy. Marcy MWM-7041 Gym Cage in details.

    Olympic Weight Bench

    4. Marcy Olympic Weight Bench (MD-857)

    • 600lb max capacity
    • Fully adjustable

    MD-857 is an FID bench, meaning we can adjust the back pad in incline, decline, and flat positions. This way, we can target the chest from various angles. We can also do shoulder presses comfortably, thanks to the highly adjustable bar catches in the flat position. The maximum capacity for the catches is 300lb.

    The Marcy workout bench is also equipped with a removable leg attachment that supports leg extension and leg curls (max 50lb). The preacher curl pad is a useful addition for biceps training.

    Because of these features, this bench is perfect for strengthening the upper body at home. The barbell and plates aren’t included with the equipment.

    flat bench

    5. Marcy Fitness Flat Bench (SB-315)

    • 600lb max capacity
    • Compact

    This utility bench is a compact item with 600 lbs capacity that is perfect for home workouts. It has comfortable padding and a broad base for stability. It’s suitable for both weight and bodyweight training. Plus, it’s affordable.

    adjustable kettlebell

    6. Apex Adjustable Kettlebell

    • 20-50lb
    • Space-saving

    The problem with kettlebells is that we need numerous pieces, hence the place to store them. The adjustable kettlebell solves this problem. We can put the required numbers of weight plates on the handle and fix them a locking mechanism.

    This particular Marcy weight can be adjusted from 20-50 lbs. It’s compatible with standard 2.5, 5, and 10 lb plates. Removable spacer disks are also available.

    power tower

    7. Marcy Power Tower (TC-3515)

    • 300 lb capacity
    • Best for bodyweight exercises

    A power tower is the most valuable exercise equipment to do the most beneficial bodyweight exercises. It includes a pull-up bar, dip station, push up bars, and vertical knee raises workout station. This way, we can have a full upper body workout.

    This Marcy home gym equipment has a 300 lb weight capacity, which is higher than usual. That means even big guys can use it safely. Or people with average weight can use additional resistance, such as a weighted vest for advanced training.

    Marcy Fitness Equipment for Cardio

    Recumbent Exercise Bike

    8. Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike (ME-709)

    • 300 lb capacity
    • Best for low impact workout

    A recumbent bike provides a low-impact workout, hence perfect for seniors, obese people, or rehabilitation.

    This stationary bike has a magnetic resistance with 8 adjustments and very quite. The maximum weight limit is 300 lbs. The in-built computer tracks the distance, time, speed, and amount of burned calories.

    The seat, foot straps, and display can be adjusted at various levels. That’s very beneficial since everyone can find the optimal settings for his height.

    Marcy Club Revolution Bike Cycle Trainer

    9. Marcy Club Revolution Bike (XJ-3220)

    • 300 lb capacity
    • Perfect for intensive workouts

    This bike gives the same feeling of cycling as if you were in a health club.

    There are multiple options to adjust the bike to the user for maximum comfort. We can change the handlebars, basket cage pedals, and the seat.

    A 40lb smooth flywheel generates the resistance that can be adjusted manually by a knob. Hence, the intensity settings are unlimited. A quick stop button is also available to stop the wheel immediately.

    This Marcy fitness machine is the right choice for anyone who wants to improve his condition, increase cardio, or lose weight at home.

    Fan Bike for Cardio Training

    10. Marcy Exercise Upright Fan Bike (AIR1)

    • Stay cool
    • Burn more calories

    Compared to a traditional upright bike, a fan bike provides a more compound movement since the upper body is activated as well. Just like the air rowing machines, the faster your pedal, the higher the resistance is. Therefore, a fan bike is suitable for beginner to advanced fitness level. Plus, the fan flows the air towards the body.

    This Marcy equipment is perfect for an intense home workout. The maximum capacity is 300lb, and we can adjust it to our height. It also has transportation wheels for easy relocation and has a compact design.

    Magnetic Resistance Rowing Machine

    11. Marcy Magnetic Resistance Rowing Machine (ME-1018RE)

    • 8 levels of resistance
    • Folding

    Rowing is a full body workout that burns a lot of calories. A magnetic rower is calmer than an air or water rower. And, we can tweak the resistance easily.

    This rower supports 8 levels of resistance and includes a professional display to know the distance, speed, time, calories burned. The ergonomic seat is large and well-padded to support longer sessions. The large pedals with straps avoid the feet slipping off.

    How to choose the right Marcy home gym equipment for beginners?

    The first thing you have to decide is your fitness goal. I mean, do you want to build muscles or lose weight, or both?

    If you want to be stronger and bigger, you should do resistance training, which can be weight lifting or bodyweight training. You can get a Marcy total gym, dumbbells, or kettlebells (free weights) for lifting weights. But if you also want to do barbell exercises, you should get a power rack and a workout bench, since it’s dangerous to lift heavy without a spotter. For bodyweight training, a power tower will do, though.

    Please read our detailed Marcy home gym workout routine guide.

    If your primary training goal is losing weight, you need to focus on aerobic workout for which any Marcy cardio machines will do, such as exercise bikes. But, don’t forget to get long-lasting weight loss results, you should also focus on your diet.

    The best is if we do both cardio and strength since that is the way we can build a healthy physique.

    Choose the Marcy exercise equipment above that suits your needs, but don’t forget how much space you have at home.

    Finally, see our Weider Ultimate Body Works Review if you are looking for a piece of versatile fitness equipment different from Marcy products.


    James Wright

    James (36) has been working out since he was 15 years old. He has a home gym where he pumps iron, does bodyweight workouts and boxing. He likes sharing his experiences with others who want to build a better physique.

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