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Marcy Power Tower TC-3508 and TC-3515 Reviews

    marcy power tower

    TC-3508 Marcy Power Tower in Details

    1. The workout stations

    Pull up bar

    Marcy TC-3508 bar

    As you see this pull up dip station comes with a multi-grip pull-up bar so you can do both wide and close grip exercises. This way you can focus on one particular muscle group better.

    The problem is that when trainers perform the close grip exercise, their body is too close to the VKR backrest. It is annoying when your belly rubs to it.

    I also have to mention that the bar is wide and the workout tower is high. So, for shorter people, it is maybe a bit complicated to reach the bar and may find it long for pull-ups.

    The VKR station

    Thanks to the thickly-padded back and ergonomically angled VKR pads, handles doing vertical knee or leg raises is comfortable. They provide good support.

    The dip station

    The width of the bars is suitable for the most. But users encounter some wobble forcing them to perform dips slowly and with proper form to avoid it. That is not bad, though.

    The dip bars are folding for more accessible storage. But, that function is beneficial since the bars do not annoy you while doing pull/chin-up exercises and sit ups.

    folding dip bars

    Marcy has folding dip handles for comfortable pull/chin ups

    Push up and sit up sections

    Marcy TC-3508 also comes with push up bars that let you go deeper increasing the length of the motion. That is beneficial for strength and muscle mass. Although, shorter users find them a little too wide.

    The sit up foam pads are useful extra to have an even more complete ab training. Although, we cannot adjust the height of the sit up bars to get the optimal position to fix feet.

    Space saving design / Size

    dimensions marcy pull up dip station

    Triangular base frame

    The Marcy power tower comes with a triangular frame base which lets us place it in the corner. Also, dip handles can be folded saving even more space and giving more space for pull-ups.

    The dimension is 41″L x 55″W x 87″ H. So, it has an acceptable footprint. Its height also makes it a good choice for taller men. Shorter guys can use the push-up handles to reach the pull-up bar.

    The weight of the item is 79 lbs, not that heavy to relocate even if it has a heavy duty steel frame.


    Most of the customers say the assembly is not complicated taking about an hour. The instructions are clear. Finally, there are no complaints about missing or damaged parts.

    Verdict / Is it for you?

    36 Reviews
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    Well, without a doubt the Marcy power tower fitness station should be a good choice for ordinary or taller people. It comes with multiple sections to have a total upper body workout. It’s not perfect, but for this price it is a good buy and beneficial home gym equipment.

    Marcy Power Tower TC-3515 Review

    Marcy Multi-Grip Pull Up & Dip Station VKR Home Gym TC-3515

    If the previous Marcy power tower did not arouse your interest, let me show you another one. Marcy TC-3515 has a classic frame with all the workout sections provided by regular pull up dip stations. But, because of that, it is not as compact as the previous one.

    TC-3515 is a multi-purpose home exercise equipment that comes with dip station, pull up bar, and vertical knee raise station with back and armrests. It substitutes various strength training equipment.

    This way you can perform a full bodyweight workout for your upper body. Chin ups/pull ups for your back, arms and shoulders. Dips to develop your triceps, chest, and delts. And, last but not least, you can shape your abs. These exercises are excellent to build muscle and strength naturally.

    The Marcy TC-3515 power tower is made of quality and durable materials, it is built to last even if it is used day by day.

    Is it adjustable? What are the dimensions?

    After assembly, everything is fixed. The height of the pull-up bar is around 87 inches which is rather high. So, shorter people may find it hard to reach it, they may need a box or a stool. On the other hand, taller guys, like me, have more vertical place to exercise.

    Dimension: 87.75” x 53” x 42” (223 x 134.6 x 106.5 cm). So, it is slightly bigger than similar towers. Hence, you need more space at home to store.

    The assembled weight is 75 pound, so not that heavy if you want to relocate it.

    Stability & Construction

    The heavy-duty steel frame and industrial-grade parts make it suitable for everyday use. The maximum capacity is 300 lb which is enough for most of us.

    This tower, even if the base support is not extensive, does not wobble much under 200 lb. However, it is recommended to put a rubber gym mat under it for maximum stability or put weights on the base.

    Big, guys complain about shaking which is annoying without a doubt. I’m almost 240 lb, and I have never used a pull-up dip station which did not shake slightly under me.

    The Pull Up Station

    The width of the pull up bar is 41”. The bar is angled at the ends, hence you can do wide pull-ups that are great for developing your lats. Inside the uprights, you can do the standard pull and chin ups. The bar is non-slip coated for much better grip.

    However, the central section of the bar has angles which not everyone likes. Mainly, guys with long arms since they do not have enough room to grab the bar.

    Dip & Vertical Knee Raise

    The VKR is comfortable to use for a normal height person. The back and armrests are well-padded providing a favorable position for the knee raises. However, since TC-3515 is tall, shorter athletes may find it a bit difficult to get into the starting position.

    The distance between the dip and arm rests is 19” which is maybe a bit broad for below than average height users. Hence, I say this Marcy tower is not the best choice for women.


    • Suitable for tall men
    • Sturdy construction with high capacity
    • Comfortable workout experience for most.
    • Affordable
    • Easy assembly


    • Big for short people
    • Curved pull up bar
    51 Reviews
    Check out more customer reviews here
    The Marcy TC-3515 power tower is medium class home gym equipment made for ordinary users. It is not a gym quality machine but for tall people under 200 lb is a good buy without a doubt. Its price is also affordable.


    Well, if you are searching for a rock stable power with very high capacity, Fitness Reality Workout station is the best. If you need a cheaper even more small model check out Stamina 1690. Check out the best pull up dip stations here. You an also check out the best Marcy home gyms here.

    So you have any questions about Marcy power tower? Let us know below.

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