Marcy Weight Bench Cage Home Gym MWM 7041 Review

marcy cage home gym mwm-7041

The MWM 7041 Marcy Weight Bench Cage Home Gym System is a compact machine that is packed with many functions to have a total body workout.

It can be used as a power rack to perform the most beneficial compound exercises like bench press, squat without the need of a spotter safely. The pulley system is useful to practice cable exercises like lat pulldown or rowing. The multi-grip pull up and dip bars lets you do bodyweight training. And, you can keep your home gym in order thanks to the weight plate storage.

To conclude, this strength training equipment is very versatile and gives a good workout experience in general. On top of that, its price is affordable as well.

However, we should not forget that this is not a gym-quality power rack, like Rogue Racks, but Marcy MWM 7041 costs half or less and gives us more options to exercise. The maximum capacity for the safety catches and bars is 300 lb. which is enough for most of us. But, not for advanced level athletes.

With that, this Marcy deluxe multifunctional cage system is mainly suitable for beginner/intermediate level people.


  • Very versatile. (+50 types of exercises/5 workout stations)
  • Excellent price/value ratio
  • Compact
  • Provides total body resistance training (cable, bodyweight, free weights)
  • Well-functioning pulley system
  • All accessories are included


  • Not as rigid as commercial gym cages.
  • The plate storage system is a bit in the way.
  • Bit complicated assembly.
Read the Marcy cage MWM 7041 customer reviews here
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Read the Marcy cage MWM 7041 customer reviews here
This Marcy cage home gym is without a doubt an excellent buy for most of the people. Its versatility and price make it exceptional among similar home workout equipment.

To sum up: It is among the best Marcy home gym machines available today.

Detailed Overview of Marcy Weight Bench Cage Home Gym

When we purchase a weight training machine like this, there a few significant factors that we need to pay attention to. These are: weight capacity, dimensions, stability, adjustments, and additional functions. Based on these, let’s see the features.

1. The Weight Capacity of Various Stations

The most important part of the system is without a doubt the weight lifting rack. The maximum weight you can use on safety catches and bar catches is 300 lbs. That is not that much, but for a beginner/intermediate level user, this squat rack should be enough.

The dip bars and multi-grip pull up bar stand a maximum 300 lb load. That is excellent since even big guys can use them safely. And, advanced level athletes can use additional weights for their bodyweight training.

The maximum weight you can use on the sliding weight post is 220 lb. That is responsible for the low and high pulley resistance. For a regular user that is enough for lat pulldowns, rows, extensions, etc. But, the system generates a 1:1 ratio of resistance. That means you really lift the weights loaded on the sliding post. So, if you put 50 lb, it generates 50lb resistance, unlike other fitness machines.

The kettlebell, dumbbell rack can be loaded up to 265 lbs, while the weight plate storage maximum is 410 lbs.


2. Dimensions & Space to Exercise

The assembled dimensions for Marcy cage system 7041 are L. 56″ x W. 61″ x H. 85″.

The height of the rack is right. The pull-up bar is a bit under 85 inches, but that provides enough room for even the tallest guys for pull/chin ups. The same is true for the lat pulldown so you can do a full range of motion when you sit. Keep in mind that the ceiling should be about 8 feet high to use it comfortably.

Its footprint is 61”D x 56”W, but obviously, you need more space around it, mainly if you use a 7 feet Olympic barbell. The inside workout area is regular, not the largest but still enough to exercise within it comfortably.

As you see, it has an odd design. The front upright bars are shorter while the rare ones are longer. This feature also helps to have more space to train.

3. The stability

The system comes with an H-type base, and its weight is about 200 lb. Thanks to them this heavy-duty home gym cage is stable alone. However, if you add plates to the storage posts and put a rubber gym mat under it, it will be a rock-solid system. Hence, there is no need to drill it down (and there are no holes). Anyway, users do not complain about wobbling and moving at all.

4. The adjustability of the catches & bars

The bar catches on the rare upright bars can be set into 11 positions. Not that many levels, but still enough to find the optimal level for a particular exercise. The safety bars can be placed in 9 places which is fair. With that, you can set the dip bars into 9 positions as well.

Professional power cages come with more settings, but I believe these adjustments are enough for most of us to do chest presses or squats.

5. About the Pulley System

weight cage system with pulley

Well, it is not easy to find a power rack with lat pulldown and a low pulley that works smoothly, but this function of the Marcy weight bench cage works as it should. Users say the cable system runs smoothly and quietly, and the 1:1 ratio of resistance just makes it even better.

The durable steel cables stand up to 1000 lb, so very durable and maximum 220 lb load is fair as well. The sliding post has standard pegs, but you get Olympic weight plate adapters with the system and a set of spring collars. This way, you can use it with Olympic as well as standard weight plates. The low pulley is a useful feature for rowing.

You also get all the necessary accessories for this station such as the lat bar, short row bar, curl bar and even ankle cuff.

Tip: If you don’t want to do barbell exercises, the Marcy MWM-990 Home Gym is maybe enough for you. It’s a compact weight stack machine.

The not so good

  • Since we are talking about a big complete power cage with many functions, assembly takes time. However, customers say it is not that complicated, just follow the manual.
  • The dip station is on the side of the cage. So, heavier guys experience wobbling if no plates are on the storages on the other side.
  • The 300 lb capacity is not that big, so do not buy it if you are a heavy lifter. Although, for beginners/intermediate users it will do.
  • Has no weight plate rack.

Is it for you?

Well, if you need multifunction equipment for at-home strength training at an affordable price, the MWM 7041 Marcy weight bench cage home gym is a great purchase. It provides a lot of ways to exercise your lower and upper body, compact and sold at a great price.

Alternative: The Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Machine comes with a higher maximum capacity and complete cable crossover system.

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