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Medicine Ball Ab Workout to Develop Core Strength

    When I first saw a medicine ball ab workout routine, I was skeptical. How such an outdated and simple fitness equipment can help me to flatten my stomach? Why should I use it if there are so many other tools out there for strengthening my midsection?

    But after finishing that workout, I felt the pain all over my core. And I learned that I do not need shiny and expensive gear to have a complete abdominal workout. Since then, medicine ball workout is part of my abs training.

    What are the medicine ball benefits?

    • You can add extra resistance to the traditional exercises such us various crunches. That way you can force your muscles to work harder, and that leads to more efficient muscle growth and strength development.
    • Also, ab exercises with medicine ball engage more muscles to keep your balance. And since you have to hold the ball, your shoulders, arms, hands and back getting stronger as well.
    • It is always good to add versatility to your abs workout to avoid getting bored, challenge yourself and to train your muscles in different ways (abs exercises in standing positions.)
    • They are versatile, cheap, suitable for men and women, and can be bought in various sizes. They are perfect for home training.

    Are ab workouts with a medicine ball for you?

    If you are a total beginner, I do not suggest you use it as it makes it hard to perform the movements correctly. First, do bodyweight exercises such as various crunches, mountain climbers, etc. And as you get a stronger stomach, you can begin using light med balls to challenge yourself.

    If you are not a beginner, well, just pick one and do one of the routines below. You will see how such a simple thing can boost your core workout.

    A word of caution!

    Always warm up before and never use too heavy balls that you cannot handle correctly. It can cause serious injury, especially in your lower back, if you train with cold muscles.

    I think, now you are curious and want to try it, so here are some powerful medicine ball workouts for abs.

    Top Ab Exercises With Medicine Ball

    1. Balancing Burpee with overhead press



    The burpee itself is a powerful total body exercise that is perfect for burning belly fat and weight loss. With the help of the ball, you can add extra resistance to the move making it even more stringent and effective. Plus, since the ball wants to roll away, your core is activated even better to keep the balance.

    2. Back Extension Pass

    back extension

    People are willing to focus on only on their abs, but for a complete core training straightening your lower back is as important. The floor hyperextension is excellent for that. With the help of the ball, we can make this exercise a bit more exciting. It among the best core exercises with ball for back pain.

    3. Medicine Ball Side Throw

    side throw

    This move is useful to improve your rotational power since it works the obliques very well. Just do not use the momentum when you throw the ball (keep your knees bent). If you want v-cut abs to do this practice. (The medicine ball wood chop is the same movement just you do not slam it to the wall.)

    4. Roll Up/Sit-Up

    sit up

    If you are at a higher level of fitness, you may find the traditional sit-up not enough anymore. By grabbing a weighted ball, you can make it more difficult. It is vital to keep the correct form to avoid back pain.

    5. Medicine Ball V-Up


    This is an advanced version of the Jack Knife exercise that works upper and lower abs very well. To make it even better when you are the top position, stop for a moment and tighten your stomach.

    6. Medicine Ball Plank


    You can do this practice in two ways. You can place the ball under your feet or hold it this way you get into an unstable state, so your core muscles have to work hard to keep your balance. If you can hold regular plank position for minutes, this exercise is the next step.

    7. Med Ball Toe Touch

    toe touch

    If you want to focus on your upper abs, this exercise is great to target that area. Keep your legs and arms vertical and straight during the entire movement to avoid the usage of momentum.

    8. Russian Twist With Med Ball

    Russian Twist


    The Russian twist is one of my favorite exercises to strengthen my obliques and abs. Although it is pretty hard to perform it correctly. And, with a med ball, it is much harder. So, do this drill only if you can do 25-30 clear regular Russian twists.

    9. Med Ball Crunch

    Crunches with medicine ball are great for those trainers who feel the traditional moves do not support their development any more even if they do high reps.

    10. Hip Raise

    Hip Raise

    This is an advanced version of the bridge exercise which besides your belly works your glutes and hams. Since the ball is not stable.

    Now you have learned some of the best gym ball exercises for flat stomach, let’s check out some example routines below.


    Burn More Belly Fat

    This routine is for those how have been training for a while. You will have to do 5 rounds doing 3 types of exercises for 20 seconds. It lasts about 10 minutes. It includes many effective ball exercises for abs and love handles.


    + 400 Abs on Fire

    While it is presented by a lady, it is a powerful workout for men as well to burn belly fat. Prepare yourself that it is not going to be easy to finish.

    ab exercises with exercise ball



    10 min Beginner Fast Belly Blaster

    If you are a newbie, and you have not done any medicine ball exercises for abs before, I recommend starting with this plan. It includes light but efficient moves.


    7 Moves to Flatten and Strengthen Your Stomach

    Do you want to get rid of your muffin top? Then, do program as it contains excellent moves to shape your obliques and hips.


    Sum Up

    I hope you like the workouts above, and you have learned some core exercises with medicine ball that you can implement into your training. You will not regret. These moves will shape your entire midsection efficiently. But do not forget, if you want to get rid of belly fat you have to pay attention to what you eat.


    James Wright

    James (36) has been working out since he was 15 years old. He has a home gym where he pumps iron, does bodyweight workouts and boxing. He likes sharing his experiences with others who want to build a better physique.

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