6 Mistakes You Should Never Do Before Working Out


A workout is aimed to keep fit, but some common mistakes would make your workout turn into a health risk. There are few things that everybody would do before starting the workout. Those are finding the right pair of shoes, putting up the most comfortable tees and tracks, play the favorite number and begin with warm up. The checklist is perfect for the things you may do before the workout.

However there are few things that you may always avoid before your workout, and the reasons are really scary. If you are planning to have a healthy workout regime and healthier outcome too then avoid these 6 mistakes.

1. Gulping gallons of water

Keeping hydrated during a workout is good. But you can’t store more water in your body by gulping on water before the workout as it would cause many other complications. Even if you have not consumed enough water during the day, you cannot meet your daily need just before the workout or even an hour before the workout.

According to the research, having more than three cups of water before one hour of working out would result into quite rare health condition called hyponatremia. The person experiencing this problem would experience cramps, muscle weakness, fatigue, seizures and in worst case even coma.

Drink only one or two cups of water before one hour of your workout session to allow your kidney to process it before you are ready to sweat it out.

2. Hogging on spicy and fried food

fruits-before-workoutIt is hard to say no to spicy and fried food, but if you have your workout session lined up in a couple of hours then you better say ‘NO’! The body takes time in digesting such heavy food. It will hinder your workout session by causing problems like heartburn and acid reflux. At some instances, you may also throw up.

The food that makes your stomach work harder may be avoided else your muscles may be deprived of adequate blood supply during the workout when it is actually needed the most. Avoid eggs, meat, and other fatty foods. Stick to light diet like soups, veggies, and fruits when having it in less than an hour before the workout.

3. Sleeping too less or too much

Oversleeping is as dangerous as lack of sleep when it is before your workout. Both these conditions may take away energy from your body and would make it sluggish. The energy levels required for the training would be missing, which would further affect the output.

Those heading to the gym in the morning should wake up at least one hour before their session to get the desired results from the workout and also prepare the body for the rigorous gym session.

Sleep at least 7 to 8 hours as your body needs enough rest before it is ready to undertake the laborious exercise.

4. Keep your stomach totally empty

While eating too much is not recommended, you may also avoid heading to the gym with an empty stomach. Your body will be working hard, so it needs to be fueled well.

You may take some fruits and nuts 30 minutes to one hour before exercising. These are the complex carbohydrates that would fuel your body and are easy to digest. You won’t feel fuller, but yet it helps you carry out workout without giving up or getting tired in the middle of the session.

5. Alcohol before the workout, a strict No!

no-alcohol-prior-working-outHaving a glass of wine before your meals or during the happy hours may be fine if you have the appetite for it, but never before a workout session. You may be tolerant to alcohol, and it may not cause any changes to your behavior or the way you carry yourself. But it may lower your blood sugar levels, which may result in weakness, shakiness and can also make you fall flat in the middle of the workout causing serious injury.

6. Painkillers

If the muscle cramps and joint pain from the last workout session are still making you scream then, you better skip your gym session. Taking painkillers may cause adverse effects as they relax the muscles, which may not be good for exercising.

Going to the gym or working out at home call for lots of efforts and dedication. Don’t reverse your efforts just by making the above mistakes as you hope for the best outcome from every session.

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