Motivational Interview with Arnold Schwarzenegger

Although I do not do bodybuilding but Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of my icons. Not just because of his body but mainly for his mentality that motivates me so much.

From a small Austrian village, he was able to reach almost everything he wanted. He became Mr. Universe, successful film star although everyone was telling him he is a bad actor and in the end he became the governor of California.

All his successes happened not because he was lucky but because he always knew what he wanted exactly. In his imagination, he saw himself being successful and a winner. He always does his best but at the same time he enjoys his life.

And even if there were difficulties, he reached his goals. He is one of my favorite examples that how everything is possible if we really want it and we keep focusing on our aims.

Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.

In his book and movie the “Pumping Iron“, he tells us how he started and what he did to reach his goals. If you have not read it before, I recommend it even if you are not interested in bodybuilding at all. It is an exceptional motivational reading.

You can learn more about about Arnold by checking out his official website or follow him on Twitter or Facebook.

However, I have just stumbled upon a rare video from 1977. In this interview, he talks about what bodybuilding is about, how he built up his career and became rich.


Do you need more motivation to be successful? Watch this!

Pumping Iron
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Pumping Iron
From this film you can see the world of bodybuilding and how he became so successful.

Best motivational quotes from Arnold Schwarzenegger

Here are my favorite motivational quotes from him. Whenever I feel myself let down, unmotivated or not brave enough to start something new, I read some of these.



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  1. Arnold is amazing. He is almost 70 but still looks really good.

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