Close to Giving Up Your Diet? These Sentences Will Not Let You


It goes for all part of the life that you are your own best supporter. No one in this world can motivate you as efficiently like you. So, behave like that!

Whenever you want to to give up your diet or fitness program, tell yourself motivational sentences or words. They will help you to keep going on for sure.

Here are some of my favorite ones that always give me a hand not to give up.

  1. I work out because I love my body.
  2. I’m stronger than yesterday.
  3. I’m healthy and strong.
  4. I have changed so much since I started.
  5. I’m already beautiful and fit.
  6. I focus on why I started.
  7. It is never too late to change.
  8. I never give up!
  9. I do it for myself.
  10. I’m going to be grateful for this in the future.
  11. Each the day is a possibility to change.
  12. I really, really want it.
  13. I’m strong both mentally and physically.
  14. I’m again one step closer to my goal.
  15. Each workout and every minute of it counts.
  16. It is going to be easier.
  17. I’m proud of myself.
  18. No stop!
  19. I can stand an hour workout, can’t I?
  20. I respect my body!

I’m sure you found a few that fits you the best. Whenever you have the feeling of giving up, tell these sentences loudly several times. And do not forget:


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