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How to Build Muscles for Women? You Will Learn Here


    In spite of the fact that several studies have proved that working out with weights has many benefits for women, lots of ladies still avoid this type of training. Most of them think, if they lift weights they will look like those giant female bodybuilders.

    But at the same time when they see a fit girl with well-shaped muscles, they are jealous. Like my wife. Sorry my princess. 🙂

    Firstly, you have to understand that gaining muscle is much harder for most of the women, simply because they have less testosterone. Also, it is not in the DNA of the ladies to grow big. Obviously, it is not true for everyone.

    So, do no be afraid of lifting weights. It does good for you! You are going to be stronger, well-shaped and it even makes you healthier.

    From this article you will learn how to workout, what are the most impornt exercises and why nutrition is critical for success.


    Push Hard, but Know Your Limits

    I usually workout with ladies, among them is my wife. One thing that they have in common is that as soon as they get a bit tired or feel a little muscle pain, they want to stop.

    They think if they continue something bad is going to happen to them. An injury or they go off in a swoon. My wife usually wants to stop because she is afraid of having muscle sore the next day.

    Girls! If you want to build muscles, you have to work for it. You know, “No pain, no gain!” By lifting a light weight 3 or for times will never make your muscles.

    Of course, you do not have to exercise like a bodybuilder, but your training should be enough challenging.

    You should test yourself regularly to know your limits. Try to use a little bit of heavier weights, or increase the reps and sets.


    The 3 Most Important Exercises

    There are three vital activities for building strength and muscle mass. And that goes for both men and women.

    These are the deadlift, squat and bench press. Each of them is a compound exercise. That means while you make these moves several muscles, primary and secondary ones, should work together. Hence, with one movement you strengthen several muscles at once, and you teach your body to align different muscle groups.

    Also, compound exercises develop your cardiovascular system and endurance. Plus, they burn more calories than simple ones.

    Why? Because the more muscles are engaged, the more energy and oxygen they need.

    Let’s talk a little bit more about each.


    Squat is the ultimate exercise for developing your legs, but since you have to hold the weight on your shoulders and keep your balance, your upper body is engaged as well.

    It is important to learn how to do the squat correctly. For that, watch the video below or see out our perfect squat form guide..

    Also, there are some squat variations that train the muscles differently.



    Deadlift seems to an exercise for the back and arms, but it works the glutes and hamstrings as well.

    It is vital to learn how to perform it correctly, as poorly performed deadlift can cause serious lower back injuries. View the video below to learn the correct form. Also, never use heavy weights if you are a beginner.


    Bench Press

    You may think now this guy is mad. “Bench press for women? I do not want to look like those female bodybuilders!”

    Do not be afraid. You won’t be! And chest workouts for women is not bad at all. It will not make your breast smaller. Just the opposite! It makes them firmer and lift them! We have detailed tutorial here about the best chest exercise for women. There you can learn how to do bench press correctly or watch the following video.



    Lift Weights at Least 3 Times a Week

    If your primary aim is to pack on muscles or tone the existing ones, you need to have strength training at least three times a week.

    Your muscles develop when you rest, so doing more training will not help if you are a beginner. You may end up with overtraining that has adverse effects on your physical and mental health.


    Proper Nutrition is Vital

    If you ask me, muscle building is about 70% nutrition and 30% exercising. Yes, what you eat so important!

    You need to have the right type and amount of nutrients to support the health and development of your body.

    It is a huge topic to talk about here, but you need to take in enough protein, healthy carbs and fats, and of course minerals and vitamins. The following infographic shows you the key components of a muscles building diet.



    Pre and Post Workout Nutrition

    Previously you have learned what you need to consume daily, but what you eat before and after your workouts is as important. From the following video, you can learn what you need to consume to maximize muscle growth, fat loss and to have better workouts.


    What about supplements?

    I know that supplements are everywhere, and many people think that it is impossible to build muscles without them, but if you follow a balanced diet, then you may not need them all.

    However, taking the proper amount of macro and micronutrients is not easy, especially if you live a hectic life and have no time to prepare and have your wholesome meals. If that is the case, you can turn to supplements, but they should not be the only sources of nutrients.

    What is next?

    You have just learned some solid tips on how to build muscles if you are a woman, but this is just the beginning. Muscle building is pure science, and you will have to spend more time with learning about the nutrition and workouts.

    The most important step is to start! Now!

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    James Wright

    James (36) has been working out since he was 15 years old. He has a home gym where he pumps iron, does bodyweight workouts and boxing. He likes sharing his experiences with others who want to build a better physique.

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