Today Is the National Coffee Day! Let’s See Why It Is Good for You

Well, I know it is not the healthiest drink to have in the morning, but I cannot imagine my early hours without a cup of hot coffee. I love its taste, energizes me and helps to gather my plans for the whole day. It is a must-have ritual of my mornings.

There are hundreds of variations out there, but I have it only with a little bit of milk to enjoy its classic taste.

Did you know that September 29. is the International Coffee Day? So, let’s celebrate coffee today and learn something new about it.


The Legend of Coffee

Did you know that the name of the coffee comes from Ethiopian Kaffa territory?

Would you like to know how the coffee was discovered?

About 300 BC, a goatherd experienced that when their goats ate from one type of berries they became more energized. He tasted the berries, and he felt the same, but he was afraid as well thinking there was some poison in the plant. So, he took the beans to monks. The monks tried them as well and fell in love with them. Then they discovered if they roast the coffee beans, they could make a tasty the drink from them that has the same effect.

So, this is how this marvelous drink was invented.

Coffee is the most popular drink all over the world. People consume over 1.6 billion cups of Joe each and every day. From the following infographic, you can learn more interesting coffee facts.



Health Benefits of Coffee

There have been several studies about coffee consumption and its effect on health. People think that coffee is bad for health, but if you consume it with a limit, its components have many benefits on well-being. Here are some.

  • The caffeine speeds up metabolism, so it can help you to lose weight.
  • A study has proved that those people who have coffee each day, fewer than 4 small cups, died from cardiovascular diseases in less number. Also, the number of individuals suffering from diabetes 2 and neurological problems were also lower. (source)
  • Coffee holds a lot of antioxidants that protect your cells from free radicals. This way coffee consumption lowers the risk of cancer and cardiovascular diseases. And slows the processes that make us old. (source)
  • It is also a natural anti-inflammatory drink.

However, having too much has the opposite effects. Immoderate coffee consumption can cause many health problems such as insomnia, angst, and various heart problems. So, be careful! I think, 2-3 cups of coffee per a day are OK, but it depends on the amount of caffeine in one cup.

And finally, let me show you another great infographic from which you can learn 38 ways to make a perfect coffee. I’ve tried a few of them, but for me still a strong espresso with a little bit of milk is the winner.



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