Don’t You Have Time to Work Out? Here Is Why

no-time-workoutTime is the most important thing in our life, isn’t it? Most of us do not have enough or at least we think we do not have.

A know a lot of people who do not work out at all because they say they have no time for it because they have so many other things to do during the day. The sad truth is they will never have.

Working out is not something we find time for. Going to the pub or watching a movie is.

The fact is that regular exercising is a basic need to keep the body fit and healthy. And as it is a basic need we should not find time for it, but organize our lives around it. Do you find time to eat or to have a shower? You do these activities because they are a must! It should be the same with working out.

If working out is not an elemental part of your daily routine, you will always train just for a short time. Then you will give up and start again. And you will never reach your goals.

In most of the cases the goal is to look better, and I think just for that there is no need to suffer. You should work out to be fit and healthy!

Being healthy does not mean we are not ill, but mentally and physically we are complete. With regular training, we give the physical work to our body that it requires. We have muscles to work, don’t we?

If we do not train our body, we are going to be not only physically weak but also mentally. And our primary goal in this world is the mental and physical fulfillment. Our entire life is constant mental and physical development.



Turning back to the “having no time to workout” problem.

A real sportsman always has time to workout because it is the part of his life like eating or breathing. They know how to organize their lives to never miss a workout.

I know a lot of people who have time for parties, watching TV or just pushing the buttons of their Xboxes, but always crying about having no time to exercise.

Some tricks can help you to stick to your workout routine.

For example, a workout buddy. No, I’m not talking about someone who goes to the gym with you just to have fun. That is good for nothing. But someone who supports you and push you when you want to give up.

Or get a personal trainer. If you pay for someone, you may force yourself to go down.

In case you work out alone, it is maybe a bit harder. But be as fast and focused as possible. Do not spend time on useless activities such as making selfies, and other shit. Stick to your workout routine and that is all.

Dedication is the key to success.



The rule of thumb is to spend at least 5 times a week with 1-hour physical activity. 3 should be weight training. However, if you have just 3 workouts per a week, it is still better than nothing.

To sum up, if you do not have time to working out, you should change your mind first, and not your schedule. Regular exercising is a basic need that must be in your life.

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2 thoughts

  1. Training 5 times a week, is this also true for Calisthenics??
    Is it possible to get a good calisthenics workout in a shorter time and still get the “sik gainz”?
    I have the tendency to do my daily calisthenics workout in a hiit fashion to got my heart pumping more, making me end up at an average of 20 minutes of working out (warmup + sets + cooldown; excluding all the walking i do daily)…
    Hmm, now that i look at it, i feel like i’m doing it all wrong :/


    • The workout you do is an excellent all in one routine. I think, even if you train for only 20 minutes, I still believe at least one free day is good to have. Your brain and body need rest. However, we are all different so you may not need it.

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