Outdoor Bench Workout to Burn Fat and Get Strong

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Bored with working out indoor all the time? Go out and have a full body outdoor bench workout.

The following video is a great example. You do not need anything else just a park bench to do powerful bodyweight moves. The following routine will not only work all your muscle groups but develops your cardiovascular system and boost your endurance. It is especially good for your lower body.

It seems to be easy, but if you try it, you will feel how powerful it is.


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Park Bench Exercises

  1. Triceps dips. This bodyweight training works your triceps, shoulder and even your core. Keep our stomach tight, your knees next to your torso and bend your knees in 90 degrees. Use the power of your upper arms to complete the move.
  2. Bench push-ups. Press up is among the most beneficial exercises to strengthen your upper body. With the help of the bench, you can do the incline version which is a bit easier, so better to start with for a beginner. The decline position, when you place your feet on the bench, is much harder.
  3. Knee crosses. Excellent compound training to work every part of your core. Use the power of your abs and oblique instead of momentum.
  4. Feet elevated plank. I do not have to tell how beneficial planks are. Since your feet are elevated, it is more challenging. Also, it works your chest, arms, and shoulders really well. Keep your body straight! If it is hard, start with normal plank on the ground.
  5. Mountain climbers. Another great move to lean your abs and side muscles.
  6. Step up. A perfect practice to strengthen your lower body, particularly your quads and hams. Focus on your leg muscles and do not use the power of your other unused leg. Also, since you have to keep your balance, it is beneficial for you midsection.
  7. Foot elevated lunges. Another useful exercise to develop your quads, hamstrings, and glutes. Since you have to stabilize your body, it works your core as well.
  8. Bench jump squats. This plyometric exercise is excellent for cardio, developing your endurance and even burning fat.
  9. Calf raises. Don’t forget your calves. For more resistance, you may want to try the single version.

Great exercises, aren’t they? Depending on your fitness level do 10-20 reps and 3-5 rounds.

If you are at a higher level of fitness, you can combine this workout with running or riding a bike.

Be careful, though. Before starting this routine warm up and stretch.

As you see, you do not need fancy equipment or going to gym to have an excellent workout, just an outdoor bench.

Do you train outdoor? What kind of exercises you do? Share with your tips with us below.

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