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Outdoor Gym Ideas – Have Great Workouts in Your Backyard

    outside gym ideas

    Within this guide, I’d like to show you some ideas about setting up an outdoor gym with workout equipment recommendations. If possible, I always prefer an outdoor workout because I want to enjoy the fresh air. I mainly do calisthenics workouts on my DIY frame, but I also use dumbbells. Not much, but enough for me.

    If you plan to set up your own home gym, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

    What to consider before building a backyard gym

    Installing stationary pieces or using portable workout equipment?

    If you have plenty of place in the garden, or the gym equipment doesn’t disturb your outdoor activities, I think permanent items are a better option. Once you install them well, you don’t need to worry about wobbling, for example. Plus, who likes relocating heavy stuff after a challenging workout?

    That is particularly true for a workout bench, dip stand, or free standing pull up bar. But, the equipment should be weather resistant if it’s uncovered. (Okay, the steel doesn’t melt after a few years, but the rust is annoying, so proper paint is required.)

    If you don’t have a dedicated workout area, you can use portable equipment instead. For example, there are lightweight workout benches, dip stands, and even squat stands. A usual problem with these items is that if the ground is uneven, they wobble.

    Uncovered or covered area

    Without a doubt, a covered area is the best option for many reasons. The outdoor workout equipment is protected from the weather. You can work out if it rains, and you don’t need to relocate the equipment. A gazebo, canopy, or other outbuildings will do.

    If the outdoor gym is uncovered, the equipment should be treated with the right type of paint.

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    What type of outdoor gym equipment to buy?

    People who want to do outdoor exercises are mainly want to do strength training, either lifting weight or doing bodyweight training. The aim is to have workout gear for whole-body training.

    We need the same pieces as if we were building a basic indoor home gym for lifting weight.

    • Workout bench
    • Dumbbells and a barbell with a weight plate.
    • Squat rack with pull up bar.

    If you prefer calisthenics, then a free-standing pull-up bar is all you need, maybe a dip stand. Learn more about calisthenics workout equipment here.

    And if you want to do a bit of cardio, get a jumping rope. Some people asked me if it’s okay to set up a heavy punching bag outdoor. Well, most of the heavy bags don’t stand the moisture well, so it’s better to take them indoor after usage.

    Problem: Sloppy or uneven outdoor workout space

    Even if the patio looks even, the equipment may wobble. Also, after rain, the grass is slippery even after many hours. Plus, following a few outdoor workouts, the grass will look ugly.

    Therefore, for maximum safety and comfort is better to have something hardscape instead. A concrete base is cheap but looks terrible (we can easily cover it with rubber mats.) Paving stones look much better, but they should be laid precisely to avoid the outdoor equipment’s tilting.

    DIY or buy the stuff

    Below I’m going to show you some excellent DIY projects, such as DIY power rack and calisthenics park. If you can put together the items you need, do it. You can save a lot of money and customize the equipment for your needs. But, I don’t recommend for people having any background.

    Outdoor gym equipment prices are high since they require unique manufacturing to be resistant to the weather’s harmful effects.

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    Backyard gym ideas

    1. Basic gym

    basic gym


    Pull up bar and rings for bodyweight training. Barbell with weights, kettlebell, and medicine ball for lifting weight. A jump rope for cardio and a mat for abs. Only a squat rack is a missed for save squats.


    2. Weight Lifting Outdoor

    Weight Lifting Outdoor

    All the home outdoor gym equipment you need for lifting weight at the backyard. The punching bag is also useful for improving endurance. The only downside is the high platform, which is a bit dangerous, I think.

    3. DIY Calisthenics park


    A simple park for bodyweight training. That’s the beauty of calisthenics. You don’t need anything special, just a few bars.


    4. My dream garden gym 🙂

    full gym outdoor

    This is the backyard gym I dream about—all the outdoor home gym equipment we need for bodyweight and weight training. Even a big punching bag is there. Also, the patio is beautiful. Simply beautiful! 🙂


    5. DIY Power Rack for Outdoor



    6. Half-open gym


    7. Hobo Gym


    No fancy backyard workout equipment, just iron to lift.


    8. DIY Squat Rack


    9. A gym in the garden for the whole family


    If I had enough space in my garden, I’d do this for sure. I also equipped it with a squat rack.


    10. CrossFit backyard gym


    With all the outdoor CrossFit gym equipment you need. But, such a project indeed costs a lot.


    To conclude

    I hope you found some motivation to build your own outdoor gym. Once you get it done, I sure you won’t regret it. You’re going to have a place where you can work out whenever you want. If you have any questions, feel free to ask below.

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    James Wright

    James (36) has been working out since he was 15 years old. He has a home gym where he pumps iron, does bodyweight workouts and boxing. He likes sharing his experiences with others who want to build a better physique.

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