How did our perception of the “perfect body” evolve?

fitness-coupleWe all have different reasons to workout. Some people workout to stay and feel healthy due to a sedentary lifestyle, some to lose weight and change their appearance, and some to sculpt their body into what they consider perfect.

Whatever your reasons are, we can all agree on the physical and mental benefits of a good workout.

But how has we, as a society, perceived physical perfection throughout modern history? These common ideals, have they changed a lot?

The answer is yes. The change in our collective view of physical beauty is sometimes dramatic, to the point that you might be wondering why you are obsessed about how your body should look.

Our perception of beauty is greatly influenced by our subconscious and the instincts that rule within it, but the changes in modern history are driven by many other factors: Social statuses, advertising, fame and idolization, and Hollywood. A single extensive advertisement campaign can change how we see our own bodies, and even set the standard for beauty for the next decade.

But today, in a world connected only by the touch of a screen, we have instant access to the opinions, ideas, and cultures of almost everyone. The result is that our opinions are becoming more and more diverse, and defining a common opinion is therefore hard, because there will always be a group to disagree with you.

And yet having a bad body image is a rising problem today, with unhealthy consequences for people of all ages and genders.

Hopefully, this infographic from katoni can relieve some of that pressure by shedding light on how our common opinions have changed over time and give you a broader perspective on the concept of beauty.



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