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Perfect Pushup Elite Review – Is It Good for Home Workouts?

    perfect pushup elite reviews

    The Perfect Pushup Elite is among the most popular chest training equipment and at the moment it is among the best sellers on Amazon.

    The first version came out some years ago, and in 2014, a better version released which provides even more efficient workouts and more comfortable usage since it comes with a rotated handle.

    In addition, the handle is wider and more padded making the workouts comfier. They also include a spiral pattern at the bottom of the equipment which makes the moves more stable.

    Finally, the Elite version supports more weight (up to 136 kg) which makes it a suitable piece of fitness gadget for those who want to use a weighted vest.

    The price of the old and new version is the same. Hence, I recommend you to get the Perfect Pushup V2 and I’m only talking about it here. It is good to see that the developer keeps tweaking this product.

    It is for you if:

    • You have no time going to the gym, but want to strengthen your chest at home with a compact equipment.
    • You need harder and more effective training than traditional push-up exercises.
    • You prefer bodyweight exercises to weight lifting.
    • You want equipment that you can take everywhere.
    • You are on a low budget but would like to have sufficient upper body workouts.



    Features and Benefits

    • The rotating handles helps to reduce the strain on the joints, and they stimulate more muscles during the pushups.
    • They are made from high-quality materials for long-lasting usage and making it suitable for heavier people.
    • The steel ball bearing system provides smooth rotation.
    • Because of its design during the movements not only the chest muscles are engaged but also the arms, upper back, shoulders and core muscles.
    • Affordable price for useful strength training equipment.
    • Developed by the Navy Seal so you must be sure that it works.
    • Great for beginners as well as advanced users, and for men and women as well.
    • Small and light, so you can take wherever you want.
    • It helps to make your home chest working out more interesting and diverse.

    Does the Navy Seal Perfect Pushup work?

    There is no doubt that it has helped a lot of people to get an almost complete upper body workout at home. Here are some customer reviews and from the video below you can learn more of its benefits.



    Why Use It?

    There is no question that push-ups are among the most beneficial bodyweight exercises which train almost all parts of the upper body. However, many people find it hard to do them because of the stress on their wrists, or their wrist is too weak. (You can get rid of it by using a hand exerciser, though.). The rotating padded handles reduce the stress on the wrists since the arms are moved more naturally.

    Because of the rotation more muscle groups should work together, both small and bigger ones. That leads to an almost complete upper body workout.

    Another good point of using it instead of doing normal push-ups is that we can perform a deeper motion. I mean, we have to go down deeper which stretches and works the chest muscles better. It leads to stronger and bigger muscles.

    From Perfect Pushup workout chart below you can learn what sorts of exercises you can do with them and how they work the various muscle groups.


    Are there any cons?

    • You must keep in mind that an existing strength is required in order to use it efficiently. As it was mentioned the handles engage more muscle groups which is beneficial, but at the same time making movements harder. Therefore, before purchasing one spend time with normal push ups or do knee push-ups at first.
    • Some users complain about that the handles are too wide, so it was hard for them to grip.
    • Most of the people like the way it moves on the wooden floor. Others think it is too slippy. Hence, they use a floor mat.


    Large part of the customer reviews are positive, and they see and feel great results. They have been able to build bigger and stronger chest, and they see good development in other upper body muscle groups.

    Sample Workout

    On the website of the manufacturer, we can find a few workouts and instructions, but more would be useful. Here is a video to learn some Perfect Pushup exercises.



    Overall, if you are searching for inexpensive, sturdy and most importantly powerful push up equipment to enhance your home chest workouts, it is undoubtedly a great choice. It works you entire upper body and suitable for both men and women, though a basic fitness level is required.

    Perfect Fitness V2 Elite Perfect Pushup
    2,170 Reviews
    Perfect Fitness V2 Elite Perfect Pushup
    Push ups have never felt so good!! These take off all the unwanted pressure on my joints and allows for my muscles to do all the work. Fantastic product and design.

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