Your Husband Doesn’t Want to Go on Diet? Here Is How to Persuade Him


Typically, a diet is the privilege of women, although the number of obese men increases rapidly everywhere in the world.

While women usually go on a diet without hesitation, men do not want to hear about it until they have some serious health problems. Guys like delaying the regime and they always find a reason why it is not actual.

In most of the cases, men at their 40s and 50s are more willing to change their lifestyle than their younger fellows. In spite of the fact that the number of overweight guys at the age of 20s and 30s have increased drastically during the last decades.

Why do older guys start it? I think the reasons is that it is the age when those extra pounds could generate serious health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart problems, high cholesterol level, etc. However, these problems could be avoided if men started paying attention to what and how much they eat at the right time.

Why Obesity is So Dangerous for Men

The biggest problem is that a man gets fat differently than a woman. While women could store the extra fat on their tights and butt, it is not usual for men. Have you ever seen a chubby guy with a big bottom, thick tights, and with a flat stomach? I never have! But I have seen ladies like that!

The problem is that men are more willing to store fat on their stomach and hips. And that fat is dangerous to the organs inside. It suffocates the organs inside, and that leads to the already mentioned health problems. It is such pressure to the body that it cannot stand in the long run.

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What Men Hate


While women like trying new diets, supplements and recipes to lose weight, most of the men do not care about these things. They do not care about great looking men, diet programs, and they do not want to hear about low-fat, low-sugar, low-calorie food items.

Frankly, they do not want to change their well-working, comfortable and delicious lifestyle.

Men may determine to have small changes such as moving regularly, which is undoubtedly beneficial for their health. However, that is not enough if he still stuffs himself. The desired level of weight loss will not come.

If you can achieve your husband will not have or minimize his dinner, that is a big word. Unfortunately, that usually does not last for long either. Who wants to give up those fabulous meals after a hard day?

How to Start Changing Your Husband's Eating Habits

Until you husband does not really want to lose weight, you cannot do anything. If he is not determined, you can put anything healthy in front of him; he will not eat it. Instead, he will find a possibility to go to the next restaurant to get something better.

On the other hand, there are a few a tricks you can help him to start a healthy eating regime. Since your husband is not yet prepared for a healthy lifestyle, you need to give him the foods he likes. But, you should do your best to smuggle as many healthy things as possible to his meals.

For example, serve a big portion of salad to the meals. Thanks to the veggies his stomach will be full faster, and he may eat less.

Also, pay attention to how you prepare the meals. For example, instead of serving French fries, serve brown rice. And use as little oil as possible for frying, even better, steam or roast.

Finally, you should be a partner. If he has decided to go on a diet and to eat what he does not really like, do not eat mouth-watering unhealthy foods in front of him. If it is a diet, do it together!

Practical Tips For Your Husband's Diet

  • Never keep soft drinks at home! Instead have mineral water and fruits. You can also make juices.
  • Do not buy beer for him. Beer is a calorie bomb. Whenever he cries about his beer, remind him that fasting is good for nothing if he takes the saved calories from having beers in the evening.
  • Have low-fat yogurt and other diaries in the fridge, and persuade him to have one daily.
  • If he did not use to have breakfast, insist on having at least a little bit of fruit, cereal or a healthy sandwich before going to work.
  • If he takes the food from home, make grilled meats with rice and steamed veggies. Or make whole-wheat sandwiches with ham, eggs and low-fat cheese.
  • If your husband does not take food to work, give him advice how to choose the right type of meals in restaurants.
  • Ask him every day what he had. Tell him that you do not want to disturb him, you just want to help to get a successful diet.
  • Give him a thermos with a green or other healthy tea in the morning instead of coffee. Teas without sugar help fat loss and support health in many ways.

What have you done to change the eating habits of your husband? Was it successful? Share with us under in the comment section.