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Does the Pineapple Diet Work? Is It Safe for Weight Loss?

    pineapple-diet-weight-lossIt is usually recommended that one adopts a gradual diet which they can hold up for a longer time period, and even though the weight loss will not be fast, there is a higher chance the results may remain permanent plus the health risks involved are few to none.

    The pineapple diet is considered as one of the fastest and easiest regimes to try for effective weight loss in just a few days. It is a mono diet, which is the opposite of a gradual diet seeing as it is highly restrictive. The results are fast, but the diet cannot be held for more than 6 days without presenting a health threat.

    Regardless such a diet can occasionally be adopted if you want to get rid of some extra pounds. It should be entirely safe so long as you have no health issues which might keep you from following it to the letter and you do not go past the advised period.

    Pineapple Health Benefits

    This tropical fruit has a diuretic effect due to their high water content, and they have few calories. A pineapple has immense detoxification effects considering they aid in digestion and rid the body of harmful substances that have been accumulated over time due to an unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits.

    Pineapples have bromelain which is a concoction of protein-digesting enzymes which is an excellent fat burner and also works as an anti-inflammatory agent, combats degenerative diseases and boost the immune system. Bromelain has also been called the ‘fitness enzyme ‘due to the high rate at which it burns fat.

    The other enzymes in it fight viruses and rejuvenate the body, kill cancer cells, work as anti-aging agents and regenerate body cells thus aiding in keeping you younger and healthier.

    These enzymes in pineapple effectively break down the proteins that thicken the blood thus thinning it out making it flow more freely via the circulatory system which decreases the chances of heart attacks, strokes, and other issues that are heart-related.

    Regular consumption of pineapple helps with the production of serotonin hormone which aids in speeding up metabolism resulting in a hastier fat loss. Pineapples are recommended because they have fewer calories and high potassium levels which aid in eliminating the extra water from the body.



    What Does a Pineapple Diet Do?

    If followed properly, it can work very efficiently towards helping you losing weight.

    The pros include:

    • It comprises of ingredients that are conveniently found and easy to prepare.
    • It is powerful and genuine for losing a few pounds quickly.
    • Aside from weight loss one it also excellent as a detox diet.

    The cons include:

    • Given that the ingredients required are few, it can be monotonous.
    • Due to the diuretic effects, you will retain fewer liquids during the diet, and the body becomes deprived of quite a number of nutrients. This means you’ll have to be cautious about what you eat once you complete the diet so that you don’t gain the weight back faster than you lost it.
    • The diet cannot be followed for too long because it increases the chances of kidney problems, heart disease and even loss of muscle.

    How to Do Pineapple Diet

    The Fast Pineapple Diet Detox Plan

    This lasts 1-3 days and will help you get back on your feet after for example a big event where you allowed yourself a bit more food than what you normally take or if you just want to reduce your weight back to where it was after the holidays. You will only consume pineapple, water, and fresh pineapple juice for 2-3 days.

    You will need 4 pounds of pineapple and fresh pineapple juice in 4 cups without any sugar. The pineapple will be divided into 4-5 similar servings, and every serving will be had at each meal. If you start feeling hungry in between meals, drink pineapple juice.

    Ensure you drink enough water so that your body gets rid of the toxins faster and following those 3 days you can get rid of 5 pounds if not less. Doing this for a day every week will help you rid your body of the extra unwanted weight with minimum effort over time.

    5 day Pineapple Diet plan

    pineapple-for-weight-lossIf the fast detox seems too extreme for you or if you want your weight loss to be gradual and healthier then this plan is for you. It is easier to take considering you can include other foods in the plan.

    Eat breakfast regularly every day, eat more pineapple as a snack, drink lots of water and eat your dinner no later than 3 hours before going to sleep.

    For example, you can have fresh salad, grilled fish, grilled chicken, whole bread, fat-free yogurt and other meals including the menu suggested below.

    Breakfast – one slice of whole bread, one fat-free yogurt and 100 grams of pineapple

    Lunch – 100 grams of pineapple, 100g shrimps salad or one portion of grilled chicken and vegetable soup

    Dinner – Pineapple salad, 100g chicken or pineapple and 100g whole rice

    So, does pineapple diet work?

    In conclusion, the pineapple diet is very effective if you stick to the plan you opt for because it offers little variety and is calorie-depriving not to mention harmless if you have no health problems. It is a healthy diet that helps you lose a few pounds but can only be followed for the maximum 5-day duration seeing as you’ll quit all processed foods and get lots of liquids.

    It is a low-calorie diet, but the results depend heavily on what you do after the diet because there’s a chance you’ll overeat unless you try and control yourself.


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