20 Playground Exercises to Get Total Body Workout

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Taking the kids to the playground is an obligation. They need the fresh air and move to be healthy and fit. But, it is not the most active time for the parents. We just sit there watching the kids or tapping our mobile to spend time with something. It is good to see our kids ‘ happiness, but it is a dull activity for us.

What if I told you that the playground is one of the best gyms you can go to. What if I told you it provides tons of possibilities to shape your body and be strong. The bars and equipment there are perfect tools to have various exercises, and I’m not talking about light practices, but killer moves that build muscles and strength efficiently. Most of them are so hard that a person without workout background cannot do a single a rep of them.

These are playground body weight exercises meaning you use the weight of your body as a resistance instead free weights or machines. For example, push ups, pull ups, dips, squat, etc.

These exercises have many benefits.

They build functional strength and muscles naturally since these moves are similar to the ones we do in everyday life.

Plus, since most of them are compound moves meaning multiple muscle groups have to work together to perform the motion. This way they burn more calories and boost the strength of your body as a whole.

And finally, for bodyweight training, you do not need to anything special. Just a pair of good workout shoes, and maybe workout gloves if you want to protect your hands.

From the following infographic, you can learn some of the most powerful exercises you can do at the playground.

It is a total body playground workout for moms and daddies that is not easy at all. Half of the 20 exercises below are rather hard so do not be surprised if you cannot do them first. With practice, you will be able to.

park workout routine


Help for this playground workout routine

If you have not done the exercises above or need advice how to train correctly, just check out the following park workout circuit video.


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