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portable Pullup and Dip bar

The best portable pull up bar on the market

There is no pull up possibility on your sports field around the corner? You want to do pull or chin ups at the lake or in your own garden, without having to set a bar into concrete? With this Portable Pullup and Dip Bar, your dreams will come true. Never again will you exclude pull ups during your workout, because you simply bring your pull up bar with you.

Transportable in the backpack, you can turn every training spot into your own personal gym with this mobile pull up bar. All you need is the Pullup & Dip System and a massive post or tree. It is the world's first portable pull up and dip bar.

We have tried the system of Pullup & Dip for you. Whether it is worth the high purchase price and how well it does during the training, you will learn in this detailed test report. Of course, you also learn how the installation of the system works and how much time it takes.

Price and Product Content

The system is currently available in the online shop of the company. There are three different versions depending on whether the system is to be installed indoors or outdoors. The indoor exercise bar package is available from 199 Euros, the outdoor workout bar from 219 Euros and the Premium fitness bar package for indoor and outdoor from 239 Euros.

You can also choose between a mix of powder coated steel & stainless steel or 100% pure stainless steel pull up bar, which is obviously more expensive starting from 259 Euros.

The outdoor package, which is going to be the primary test here, is available from 219 Euros.

The box includes safely packaged individual parts of the system and a detailed instruction manual. Not only is the installation described in detail, but there are also some safety instructions for the entire system.

For a dip and pull combination, the price is at first glance quite high. However, you should consider the freedoms of the Pullup & Dip system and the high quality in processing and materials. Besides, you get a well-engineered and tested product delivered at home, which has an excellent processing.

package content

Collapsible pull up bar

In total, you will find six parts in the packaging box for the outdoor system. The individual parts are exactly what you need for training later on. The scope of supply includes a tree/post protector incl. Velcro fasteners, an outdoor adapter, two multi bars, a tension belt and a side arm.

bodyweight training anywhere

Design and Processing

The Pullup & Dip outdoor system is made of powder coated steel (black) and stainless steel multi bars. Alternatively, you can get the whole system out of stainless steel for a higher price. The weight is about 8.5 kilograms. The processing is excellent. The parts make for a robust and high-quality impression in general. The weld joints on the side arm and the multi bars are welded clean.

The screws, the securing bolts and securing pin make for a robust impression as well as the rest of the system. Up to four different grip positions for pull ups are possible during training sessions.

The design is timeless and makes a well-conceived impression. The individual components are also strengthened in critical places to guarantee the load capacity and robustness at any time. The protective mat is provided with knobs on the inside, which gives users a good grip even on smooth posts. All in all, the system performs very well during workouts to the full extent.


The Pullup & Dip outdoor system can be attached to a tree as well as to a solid post (stable foundation). Once you've spotted your spot, you'll have to adjust the angles on the back of the outdoor adapter to match the diameter of the tree. You do not need any additional tools for this. You can simply loosen the four knurled nuts on the back and adjust the angles. Three different widths are adjustable. The indoor adapter of the indoor system is screwed to the wall so you can also work out at home during bad weather.

Ready to use in less than 2 minutes!

Next, you have to put the protective mat around the tree or the post so that nothing gets scratched/damaged and that the system is secure. The protective mat is held at the desired position by a Velcro fastener. Next, the outdoor adapter is attached to the protective mat with an additional Velcro fastener. This has the advantage that you have both hands available to install the whole system alone, without the need for a helping hand. The only thing left is to do is to pull the tension belt through the adapter and fix it firmly.

portable pull up and dip bar

Outdoor chin up equipment

Finally, plug in the side arm and turn the locking pin inwards. You have to plug in the two multi-bars into the left and right sides of the side arm and secure them with the bolts – all done! The complete installation of the system takes about two minutes, with some practice even less.

Watch the easy the wall and tree mount in a video.

Disassembly and Transportability

The disassembly is done even faster than the installation. After loosening the tensioning belt, the individual parts can be easily removed again. It is advertised to allow all parts to be transported in a backpack. In the case of the bigger side arm, you’ll need a longer backpack with at least 35L.


outdoor pull up dip station

Outdoor pull up bar dip station

During training, the wall distance should be about 40 cm. This is definitely enough for doing pull ups and dips. Even kipping pull ups are no problem with this wall distance. The bar diameter is 3 cm. The multi-bars do not feel uncomfortable on the palms of the hands and do not scrub them, so you can even train with this portable equipment without the need for training gloves.

Pullup & Dip is loadable with up to 130 kg according to the manual. The test conducted demonstrated that there were no problems with the load capacity of the system.

The Portable Pullup & Dip Bar Surprises With Its Stability

After the first wobble and load tests, we were ultimately convinced about the stability. The Pullup & Dip outdoor system can almost match up with the stability of a fixed installed pull-bar. The indoor version gives the same stability as a normal pull up bar for the wall.

Also, when putting the protective mat around a very smooth metal post, there were doubts whether the system would slip. However, the equipment is remained firmly on the spot. The stability surprised us initially and then completely convinced us.

Four Grip Positions Possible

portable chin up dip station

Foldable pull up station

With Pullup & Dip, you can train with four different grip positions. In addition to normal pull ups, you can also reach a very wide grip through the curved handle ends, in order to train the back a bit more. A tight grip and a parallel grip on the dip bars are also possible. Rarely was an outdoor pull up bar and dip station more varied and elaborate.

How to Do Dips

portable pull up dip bar

Dips are also no problem with the system. You can simply turn the side arm around 180 degrees and fix it again to train dips at a pleasant height. Also, exercises like muscle-ups, leg-raises or human flag are possible. In total, the manufacturer promises over 25 bodyweight exercises. A straight bar set which you can buy in addition makes it easier to do exercises like muscle-ups, however, they could also be done by turning the included multi-bars 180 degrees around.


Pullup & Dip is a unique system that has sparked a lot of interest. The processing is first class and the system well conceived to the last detail. Anyone who has always dreamed of bringing their pull-bar up with them to work out anywhere will be completely satisfied. The installation is very fast, the load capacity of up to 130 kg is sufficient in every respect. No more doubts about the stability existed after the first pull up. By only attaching it to a tree or a massive post you can make almost every location to your workout spot with pull up and dip-possibility.

The high purchase price of 219 Euros for the outdoor package and the weight of around 8.5 kg are probably the only negative points of this system. Nonetheless, you will be rewarded with great freedom in your workout sessions.

  • Ease of use - 90%
  • Versatility - 100%
  • Price - 50%
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