Power Tower With Sit Up Bench Review

power-tower-sit-up-benchAre you searching for a home exercise equipment that lets you do the most beneficial bodyweight exercises and even helps to strengthen your abs? Then, Soozier Power with Sit Up Bench might be a good tool for you.

With the help of this workout station, your can do a wide range of exercises to strengthen almost all part of your body. Pull up and chin ups for your back and arms, dips for your shoulders and triceps, leg raises for your core, etc. And as an extra with the help of the adjustable sit-up board, you can pay more attention to your abdomen.

Simply, you can have a total upper-body workout at home without going to the gym. You can save time and money. And the best is you can work out whenever you want.

What makes this power tower different from other models is that it comes with an adjustable sit up bench. That means you can increase or decrease the angle of the board to have less or more resistance. This way it is great for beginners as well as for those who already has pretty good core strength. And the good news is that compared to other power towers its price is not so much higher.

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Why Users Like It

  • As you can see in the pictures, it has a massive structure made from heavy-duty materials, which is important to avoid wobbling, even if it is used by a heavier person.
  • The multi-grip pull-up station lets you perform pull-ups and chin-ups comfortably.
  • The dip station comes with thick elbow pads, so it does not hurt your lower arm while you do the exercise.
  • The sit up bench is one of the favorite parts of this tower. It is 43-1/2″ x 9-1/2″ so for a person having average height it is comfortable to use. Besides it is covered with a thick cushion.
  • The size of this home fitness station is 69″L x 35″W x 80″H, not too big so you can store and use it in your garage or even in your room.
  • The weight capacity for both pull up the station, and the abs bench is 300 lbs, so it is perfect for heavier users as well. A good sign is that users around 250 lbs still do not experience wobbling.
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Are there any cons?

A few customers find it a bit hard to assemble as they did not find the instruction clear. If you are not so familiar with putting together things, be prepared that it will not be an easy task for you.

A buyer complained of that it is not as stable as it expected. This can happen if the floor is a bumpy a little bit, but by putting a piece of gym flooring made from rubber or foam, you can solve that problem.

The Verdict

Compared to other power towers, because of the sit up bench, Soozier provides more possibilities than other models and the price is just a little bit higher. This home workout equipment is an excellent choice for everyone who wants to train at home with bodyweight exercises.

Current Price
Soozier 80' Full Body Power Tower Home Gym Fitness Station w/ Adjustable Sit Up Bench
22 Reviews
Soozier 80" Full Body Power Tower Home Gym Fitness Station w/ Adjustable Sit Up Bench
  • SOLID CONSTRUCTION: Our home gym features all-steel construction for superior strength and durability so you can enjoy effective training at home.
  • PUSH UP STATION: Cushioned hand grips provide comfort while you work out your waist, abdomen, upper limbs, and chest muscles.
  • Versatility
  • Efficiency
  • Price

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