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What Is the Proper Way to Sleep?

    Have you ever wondered about how the way you sleep affects you – even when you are not sleeping? Were you ever curious about what the best sleeping position is? Maybe the way you rest is giving you wrinkles, or causing you to snore.

    Discover what is best position to sleep in, and the benefits of good sleep from the following presentation and get more proven tips below.

    The Healthiest Sleeping Positions



    The proper position with the most benefits is to rest on your back. Of all the positions, this one has the most advantages and is the most healthy.

    Sleeping on your back prevents head and neck pain by keeping your head and neck in a neutral position while you rest. It keeps the pressure off those sensitive areas – you’ll never wake up with a stiff neck if you are on your back.

    Reclining on your back also reduces wrinkles, because your face stays clear of any pressure. Compression on your facial muscles from sleeping face down can damage the skin.

    This sleep position also helps prevent acid reflux, as your head remains above your digestive system and stomach. There is no question that it is most relaxing for most of the people.

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    If you cannot manage to lie on your back, getting on your side is the next best thing. Sleeping on your side reduces snoring and is beneficial during pregnancy, to promote healthy blood flow. Side-sleeping is bad for your face because it gets squished. It is also bad for your breasts and can cause sagging.

    The proper way to sleep is always on your back, but this is the next one with the most benefits.

    Not healthy sleeping positions are the fetal ones, and sleeping on your stomach.

    Resting in the fetal position curves your back, which can cause arthritis. The damage can spread from your back to your neck, and also to your knees.

    The fetal position also hinders the movement of your diaphragm, meaning it can be difficult to breathe. It can cause pain in your joints, especially your knees and hips because all the pressure is focused there. And if your mattress is not ergonomic in that case it does really bad for your body.

    Whenever possible, it is important to ensure you are resting in a proper position. Back-sleeping has the most health benefits, and should be the goal position for everyone. Avoid lying on your stomach or in the fetal position whenever possible.

    More tips on how to sleep better


    For healthy sleeping habits do following as well.

    • Try to go to sleep at the same time each night.
    • Avoid the light from television or mobile devices. Make your room dark as possible. You will be ale to fall asleep faster.
    • Ensure you get enough rest – usually 7-8 hours is optimal.
    • Pay attention to the pillow and bed you use. They must be comfortable and ergonomic.
    • Do not consume heavy foods before bedtime. Your last meal should be 2-3 hours before.
    • Exercise regularly.
    • If you have severe sleeping disorder, always consult your doctor.

    Try to avoid the bad sleeping positions and follow the sleep habits above. You will feel how much more rested you are in the morning.


    What’s the proper way to sleep while pregnant?

    I can clearly remember when my poor wife was pregnant how difficult it was for her to find a comfortable sleeping position. Here are some tips what are the best positions for you if you are an expecting mum.

    What is the proper way for a baby to sleep?

    I’m a father of two, so I know how important to place a baby in the right position to sleep. The following video will teach you how.


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    2 thoughts on “What Is the Proper Way to Sleep?”

    1. I think that many people don’t think about how the way they sleep affects them. It’s a very simple thing, but since we sleep every day, our body positioning is important! I’ve been trying to train myself to sleep on my back–it’s hard trying to change your positioning when you’re used to one thing, but I’m sure it’ll be better in the long run.

      1. I didn’t use to care about the way I sleep as well, and I didn’t know why I was always tired. It is crucial for health to have at least 8 hours quality sleep each day.

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