How to Provide Better Nutrition for Your Family

family-nutritionWhen we want to change our lifestyle, it is not so complicated as we have to control ourselves only. However, it is much more complicated when we want to get changes in the life of our families.

It is especially troublesome if we have children as for them it is not so easy understand why these sorts of modifications should be taken.

If you are thinking about changing the nutrition of your family, you are on a good way to give them a much healthier lifestyle. It will be not simple, but there is nothing more important than the well-being of your family members. So, never give up!

Here, I would like to show you some suggestions on how to improve the nutrition of your family.

What to Buy at Store

You must look after what sorts of ingredients are there in the foods you want to purchase. Therefore, you should check the nutrition labels.

You should get rid of those foods that contain too much sugar, saturated fats and a lot of artificial components.

Understanding food labels


You should buy more veggies and fruits and integrate the consuming of these in the life of your family. It is recommended eating fruits and vegetables at least once a day, but the more, the better. You cannot eat enough of veggies and fruits. In addition, you will need to add extra vegetables and fruits in meals.

Moreover, focus on what kinds of meat you buy. Meat is essential to take in protein, but too fatty meat has a negative impact on health. Buy lean pork, beef and poultry. It is also important to have fish as it contains a lot of quality components such as omega-3 fatty acids.

Try to avoid buying junk food such as chips and others, or at least get much less. If your children cannot find something to crunch on, it will be easier for you to give them something better.

Do the same with soda and sweet beverages. Make your refresher from mineral water and fruit juice without using any sugar. You can even make healthy energy drinks at home.

How to Cook Healthily

It his is a huge topic to talk about here, but there are some general rules.

Boiling is much healthier than frying so whenever it is possible prepare meals that should be boiled. If you want to make something fried use as little oil as possible. The best is olive oil.

Include as many fruits and vegetables in the meals as possible. For example, lean beef with salad is a very healthy food.

Avoid using too much sugar. In my point of view, sugar is the biggest problem today. Use as less as possible, and if it is required use brown sugar or xylitol which tastes sweeter, but much more healthy.

Look after to give enough protein rich foods for your family, mainly lean meats and fish.

Try to reduce foods, which contain refined grains. Get bakeries, pasta and others which made from whole grains.

If you prepare your meals on your own instead of ordering a pizza, you are on the best way to provide a better life for your family. Since, you prepare the meal, you have the chance to choose the ingredients and the amounts you will use.

Some healthy cooking tips


What About My Children

Being a father of a sweet lower son, I know it is not simple to take away foods from a kid that he loves so much. But we are responsible what they have and with that for their health!

The best way to accustom children to healthy foods if we tell them why it is vital to eat healthily. Whenever you give fruit, or a veggie tell your child how it helps his health and body. What it does in his body, etc.

And whenever you forbid to pick something unhealthy, explain them why you do not let them have it.

Here is a book I really recommend!


You should be consistent and firm to explain these concepts to your children

Anyway, it is impossible to forbid all sorts of sweet things from kids, and there is no need to do that, but it is crucial to reduce drastically. These days children eat too much junk!

These are the typical diseases caused by junk food, and they are just the tip of the iceberg. 


Eating Together as Family

Children follow their parents, boys mainly their father while girls their mothers. It is necessary to eat together. If you children see that mum and dad have healthy things, they will want to do the same.

Eating together is also important for the family life, and it provides a sort of eating routine for the children.

Therefore, it is vital to work together with your spouse if you want to change the nutrition of you family.

What about eating out?

There is no problem with eating out if you choose the right restaurant which serves high quality, healthy dishes. But I have to say there is nothing better made by a mum who care about her family.

There are various cuisines nowadays we can choose from, so it is not hard to find a place to eat out healthily. In addition, several fast food restaurants now serve rather healthy meals.


I hope these suggestions will help you to provide proper nutrition for you family and to change your lifestyle. Your kids are going to get used to this sort of new lifestyle if you are consistent and firm, but you must be patient, as well. Answer their questions and talk about health. If you do it properly, you can change their entire lives.

What sorts of 'tricks' you do to feed your kids healthily?
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