What You Shouldn’t Do if You Do Pull Ups

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I remember clearly when I started calisthenics a few years ago, how sad I was when I realized that I could not do a single pull-up.pull up mistakes I remember clearly when I started I was really annoyed, so I came up with my ideas how to make this exercise easier, to do at least 3-4. I tried to place my elbows in different angles, I just did about half of the motion, and I swung to push myself up high. Sometimes I looked like a mad monkey.

However, I was proud of myself as I could do 5-6 pull ups after some week.

The only problem was that what I did were not pull ups or at least not correct ones. And with that I could not get the results I wanted. In addition, I usually felt pain in my shoulders and forearms because of the bad performance.

I was so used to these “ugly” pull ups that it was hard to get rid of them when I learned how to do them correctly.

To sum it up, I made all the mistakes that are mentioned in the video below.

There is an essential factor if you work out that is always perform the moves correctly. No matter if you use weights or your own body. That is the only way to get results.

In the next video, you will learn the most common pull up mistakes and the techniques to cure them to enjoy all the benefits of this fantastic compound exercise.

Common Pull Up Form Mistakes


Let’s recap what you have learned.

  • Do not use the momentum. Do not swing and keep your body as stable and straight as possible.
  • Place your elbows correctly that lets you pull them behind your back.
  • Concentrate on your back muscles by pulling your shoulders back.
  • Do the full range of motion. Go down and push yourself up over the bar.

What if you cannot make a pull up at all?

Instead of committing the mentioned mistakes to do one, there are a few exercises that can help you a lot. In the following video, you learn efficient methods. Or, try the assisted pull up machine first to get basic strength.


That is all guys! I think from these two videos you can learn everything you need to know about how to do pull-ups correctly. This bodyweight exercise will do a miracle to your upper body strength. Hence, do not neglect it from your workout routine.

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