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Amazing Beauty & Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seed Oil

    pumpkin-seed-oil-benefitsPumpkin seeds are some of the best foods Mother Nature can offer us. And the best part is that during the cold season, they are available fresh.

    But, if you wish to enjoy their benefits in the most efficient manner, you should use the pumpkin seed oil. It contains all the nutrients and elements that make pumpkin seeds so valuable. The pumpkin seed oil benefits are various, covering a large number of health-related issues and beauty aspects at the same time.

    In case you are not familiar with this oil and you have no idea how it can help you, keep on reading because you are going to find out.

    High in Beneficial Fatty Acids

    Pumpkin seeds have a high amount of healthy fats and oils. Do not worry about this if you want to keep a fit body, because the fats and oils these seeds contain will not harm your silhouette in any way. It is highly recommended to consume them, instead of any other type of fats.

    Your body needs fats and oils as well, to function, so make sure you don’t forget to have this oil in your diet. To have a better knowledge of how the lipids found in pumpkin oil will help you here is how they contribute.

    They will assist the transportation of nutrients and vitamins throughout the body. They will offer essential protection to your vital organs, including insulating the body and controlling its internal temperature. They help you renew your blood cells, skin cells, muscles, and nerves. They will also help break down unwanted cholesterol, improve your digestion and are a source of precious energy.

    The pumpkin seed extract will also contain essential fatty acids, so important to a wide number of processes inside your body. These fatty acids fight against signs of aging because they keep your tissues young, supple and help cell renewal. This applies to the skin and other types of tissues in the body. The acids help in oxygen transportation and support the integrity of cells.

    So are pumpkin seeds good for you? As you can see, they are good for you indeed, out of a high diversity of reasons.

    But let’s go deeper into this matter and see how pumpkin seed oil can help your health. What are the health benefits of pumpkin seeds?

    Learn more about the essential fatty acids form the following video.

    Natural Cure Against Joint Problems

    If you are suffering from joint disorders, like arthritis, you should know that this oil can lower the illness’s symptoms. It works in the same manner drugs released to treat this condition do. The fatty acid content of the oil, with an efficient antioxidant power, improve the status of the joints and reduce pain.

    Prevent Parasite Infestation

    The oil also has anti-parasitic properties, meaning that it can solve the issue of internal parasite infestation. It contains a substance, called cucurbitin, which was proven to help in the cases of schistosomiasis, tapeworm infestations, and other parasitic infestations. You don’t have to be infested to use this oil, as it can work great as a prevention method, due to its ability to get rid of parasites even before they reach maturity.

    Protect Your Kidney

    But the benefits will not stop here. It will improve kidney functions, by preventing stone formation in the organ. Studies have shown that this oil has the property of reducing the quantity of substances responsible for stone formation in kidneys. It will also minimize the pressure in the bladder and urethra, and increase the compliance of the bladder, protecting the urinary system.

    Healthy Prostate

    For the gentlemen, it is excellent for improving the functions of the prostate. As studies showed, the content of zinc and fatty acids, help reduce the symptoms created by the benign prostate hyperplasia. By supporting healthy functioning of the bladder and urethra, the effect of the condition on the organism is reduced.

    But again, you don’t have to wait to suffer from diseases like this, because introducing this oil in your diet will support the body’s function and protect it from any illness. So there are a couple of pumpkin seeds benefits for men that cannot be ignored.

    Beautiful Skin & Hair

    The health benefits of pumpkin seed oil will not only help you on the inside because its effects will be noticeable on the outside as well.

    The oil can be an amazing skin moisturizer, keeping it well hydrated, radiant, and plump. It works better than any moisturizer cream you might be using.

    Do you have problems with acne? Then you should know that the rich content of zinc in the oil will help you tackle this aspect as well. So it will act as an anti-inflammatory treatment, also reducing the activity of sebaceous glands, which cause you acne issues.

    Also, the content of vitamins A and E will fight against early skin aging. The frequent exposure to sun and air pollution may damage the skin on our face way to soon, but the oil is able to slow down these effects and maintain the skin younger.

    The anti-oxidants contained in the oil will also fight against free radicals, such as UVs, responsible for triggering skin cancer.

    Still, the action of pumpkin seed oil will not stop only at improving the skin. It will also help you have a beautiful hair. The rich content of nutrients and fatty acids is an excellent source of food for hair follicles, which will promote a healthier and faster hair growth.

    pumpkin-seed oil-hair-loss

    Do you have issues with hair loss? You should know that this oil contains L-lysine and iron, two components that fight against this problem. Having this oil in your diet will help restore the beauty of your hair and support its growth.

    If zinc is great for treating acne, it works wonders for doing the same in the case of dandruff. No one wants to have dandruff in their hair, so instead of using chemical products, just introduce the pumpkins seed oil in your diet and the problem will be solved. Irritation of the scalp, together with itching and flaking are treatable with the help of this oil.

    And besides these benefits, the oil will maintain a healthy hair throughout its entire length.

    So you see, the pumpkin seed oil health benefits are numerous, giving you enough reasons not to avoid adding this oil to your diet.


    How much and when consume it?

    To enjoy the benefits of this miracle oil, the best time to consume it is right after getting up, before eating anything. A spoonful will do.

    You may think now that I’m mad. Just have a spoonful of oil in the morning? My answer is yes! You can get the best results if you have a spoonful of pumpkin seed oil for an empty stomach. You may have a little 100% juice before.

    What to Look for When Buying

    The best is if you buy from a place where you know the oil is made by professionals from good sources.

    It is important! Buy only cold-pressed pumpkin seed oil. It is the only one that holds the beneficial components.

    Unfortunately, most of the manufacturers use the hot-press technology to get the oil from the seed. This way a lot of healthy ingredients spoil during this process.


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