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Best Rogue Power Rack Alternatives

    rogue power rack alternatives

    Rogue power racks are high-end workout equipment that is famous for its durability and perfect workout experience. That’s why their items are found in commercial gyms, and home gym owners dream about having a Rogue Fitness piece at home.

    But, we have to pay for the quality, and not everyone can afford to pay thousands for a rig. If you check out our Rogue Fitness power rack comparison, you will see almost 20 items. And only one or two costs less than $1000.

    While Rogue racks are perfect, that doesn’t mean we can’t find a cheaper option, which is close to Rogue’s quality. Without a power rack, a weight lifting gym is like a restaurant without chairs, we can eat standing, but we can’t enjoy the meal altogether. A power rack is a must if you want to lift weight safely and have an effective workout.

    Below, I’m going to show you a few alternatives for Rogue power racks that cost less but still durable, provide excellent user experience, and have a high weight limit. In a word, racks that are worth to buy.

    Fitness Reality 810XLT Super Max Power Cage

    1. Fitness Reality 810XLT Super Max Power Cage – The Best Overall

    Price: $229.00

    • 800 lbs capacity 
    • Large walk-in space
    • Expandable with lat pulldown and low ross cable system

    The price of Fitness Reality 810XLT is unbeatable since it costs only the fraction of a Rogue rack, but its features are impressive. There is a reason why it’s such a well-rated and popular rack on Amazon. This rack is the best seller.The weight capacity is 800 lbs. The frame is made of 2×2 inches tubular steel, which makes it a solid item. We don’t have to be afraid of breakage or bending even we lift heavy weights.If we check out the dimensions, that is 50.5 L x 46.5 W x 83.5 H inches; we can agree that it’s a large rack, which is useful for many reasons. It has a vast walk-in area, which makes it convenient to use, particularly for big guys. Also, 810XLT is a high rack. Since it’s equipped with multi-position pull-up bars, we have plenty of room below when doing pull-ups, chin up, or leg lifts.An essential feature of a cage is the number of holes on the upright bars. The Fitness Reality power cage owns 18 spots on the uprights. That means we can find the optimal height for the given exercise since we have many options to choose from.What makes Fitness Reality an even more outstanding choice? It’s compatible with the Fitness Reality 710 Olympic Lat Pull Down and Low Row Cable Attachment. That means we can turn the rack into a fully-featured cable home gym machine and make our strength training workout even more versatile. The good news is that lat pulldown attachment is also affordable.Tip: Check out the Fitness Reality 1000 Super Max adjustable weight bench with 800 lb capacity. It’s also a perfect workout bench at an affordable price.


    810XLT Super Max Power Cage is a perfect choice for a home gym if someone is on a budget but needs a reliable and upgradeable cage. It’s the best cheap power rack.

    HulkFit Adjustable Exercise Squat rack

    2. HulkFit Multi-Function Squat Stand

    Price: $276.55

    • 800 pounds capacity
    • Spotter arms, pull up and dip bar.
    • Very stable and robust

    If you don’t have enough space for the previous rack, then consider this robust squat stand. IMO, it’s a very well-constructed item.The maximum capacity is 800 pounds supported by 2.5×2.5 inches 12 gauge steel construction. A typical problem with standard squat stands is that they wobble a bit, so we have a feeling that they fall over. However, the HulkFit stand has a robust and well-structured H-shaped basement with triangle locks and thick rubber feet. Also, the base has multiple weight plate holders. These features lead to a very stable and safe stand that doesn’t wobble even under heavy lifts. Another fantastic feature is the spotter arms. A typically squat stand comes only with J-hooks or other simple weight catches, so if you are in trouble, it’s hard to put the barbell back to its place. The spotter arms increase the workout’s safety drastically since we have an additional option to get rid of the bar if we are in trouble.There are 15 holes on the uprights to adjust the J-hooks and spotter arms; the distance between them is about 1.5× larger than usual but acceptable. The rack is also equipped with a pull-up bar and dips bars.


    To conclude, the HulkFit Squat stand is a well-constructed item that can substitute a full power rack but requires less space. A good alternative to Rogue SML-2 squat stand

    TDS Mega Power Squat Rack

    3. TDS Mega Power Squat Rack – 1000 lb weight capacity

    Price: $349.95

    • 1000 lb capacity
    • 31 adjustments
    • Upgradeable with various attachments

    If you’re close to a powerlifter’s strength or safety is so critical for you, then the TDS Mega power rack is for you. Its heavy-duty construction makes it the tank on this list with its 1000 lbs capacity. The dimensions are 48.5″W x 48″ D x 82.5″ H, so it’s a large rack with a lot of room inside, making the workout more continuous and convenient. The pull-up bar is also at a high level, so we have enough place to go down.Another outstanding feature is the 31 holes on the uprights. The holes are 2 inches apart and numbered. Such a density makes the rack comfortable to use since everyone can find the optimal adjustment for his height.The rack is designed so that other attachments can be added in the future made by the manufacturer. Hence, we can upgrade it to a fully-featured home gym machine.


    If you search for a heavy-duty cage, which supports as much as a Rogue power rack, then TDS is worth considering. It’s numerous adjustments, and extended size makes it comfortable workout equipment for everyone.

    Bottom line

    I hope you find the best Rogue power rack alternative for you that suits your pocket. For a safe home gym workout, each of the items above is suitable. They are made by trusted manufacturers and have many positive customer reviews, so you don’t have to worry about quality.

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