The Most Important Rule if You Train Outside in Summer

summer-workout-outsideDo you like working out outside during the summer time? There is an important thing you should keep in mind. Protect your skin from the sun!

We do not forget to use sun cream when we go to the beach and have a sunbath, but if you have pale skin, it is strongly recommended even if you walk in the street. And if you exercise outside every day, you should use it as well, no matter what type of skin you have.

If you train outdoor for 1 hour or more, mostly your face and shoulders are attacked by the sun rays, so you should cream these body parts at least. But the best is if you cream all the skin of your body that is under the sun.

If we have sunbath with wet skin, the effect of the sun is much stronger. You get burned quicker. While you train in the sun, the sweat has the same effect. That is why it is recommended to cream yourself with water-resistant sunscreen 30 minutes before working out.

The best is if you use a long-lasting and quick absorbing product, so you will not need to re-cream yourself during training. Plus, you will not have that uncomfortable feeling.

You may also want to use a higher sun protection factor product for your face and shoulders for extra protection.

To sum up, if you like working out outdoor during the summer time, get a high-quality sun cream.

Here are a few of the best products.

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