Running Over 50? Here Is How to Start

My mother is 55, and since she sits a lot almost every day, we were talking about what kind of exercise she should start. When I told her why she didn’t run or jog, she was very surprised and told me she is too old to do that. I showed her that is not true at all.

Actually, running is recommended by the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP). Barbara Hannah Grufferman, a host of AARP, shows in the following video how to start running for seniors to be fit and healthy.


The most important tips for running over 50:

  • Don’t lift your legs too high from the ground to avoid injuries.
  • Know your limits! If it too hard to breathe and have pain somewhere slow down and switch to walking.
  • Pay attention to eating nutritious food before running. Also, keep your body hydrated throughout the training. I recommend having mineral water.
  • Have many breaks when you walk instead of running. It is OK if you have shorter runs and longer walks.


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Running is not just for young people

Like my mother, many seniors think that running is only for young. However, there are lots of people in their 60s and 70s that continue this healthy activity enjoying the great benefits of running.

Regular walking and running keep your body young and fit. There is a misconception that running is not good for the bones and joints at this age. But, the truth is just the opposite. It makes them stronger and healthier. (source)

Even if you start moving just once a week, you do much more than you think for your health. For example, those people who exercise just once a week suffer less from chronic physical illnesses, depression and other mental problems.

After, watching this video my mother started jogging, but not for long. She didn’t like it. But she loves walking and nowadays she has 30-45 hikes at least three times a week.

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  1. This is fascinating! Running is an excellent sport for people as you they get older. My mother is 53 and she runs everyday. She love running. It keeps her sane.

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