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Sandbag Workout: Powerful Training for Strength & Conditioning

    sandbag workout

    If for any of the following questions below, your answer is yes, then you should try sandbag workouts.

    Do you want to try out something new to exercise? Are you bored with ordinary exercise equipment such as the free weights or those cardio machines? Want to have more challenging training? Would you like to do functional training?

    Yes, sandbags are more than just equipment for strength training, they can be used in so many ways. And I’m sure after reading this article you will agree with me.

    From this guide, you will learn the following:

    • What are the benefits of weight bag training.
    • Why it is so versatile.
    • How it can be used instead of other training tool, so you do not have to go to the gym.
    • How it can help you to be stronger, burn fat, develop your core muscles, improve your stability and why it so good for conditioning.
    • Also, you will learn more than 30 sandbag exercises and find workout routines.
    • And finally, which are the best models to buy at an affordable price.


    weight bag training benefits


    Reasons to do sandbag training

    It is a very versatile equipment that is perfect for upper and lower body workouts, and even for boosting your cardio training. It is inexpensive, adjustable and make your workouts more exciting.

    Let me give you some reasons why it is so beneficial.

    1. Develop your grip strength

    If you are into working out for some time, you know how important the power of your grips and forearms is, especially when you train with free weights.

    Catching and holding a dumbbell or a barbell is easy since there is a convenient place to grab. However, a sandbag does not have that. So, you have to grip it tightly and that leads to grip and lower arm development. The sandbag exercises for fighters are especially beneficial for combat athletes such as MMA, judo or for wrestlers (grappling). But for other sports like rugby or Crossfit as well.

    2. Improve your balance and core muscles

    If you have ever made standing kettlebell exercises, you know they are so powerful to develop your core muscles and with that your posture. You can use it in the same ways, but because of its shape, it is even more efficient.

    Also, if you do movements placing the equipment on one of your shoulders, you will even have better core training. For example, do squats with it. Just imagine how your obliques, abs and lower back should work to keep your balance. Plus, there are numerous training bag exercises for abs.

    3. Efficient equipment to boost common exercises

    It can be used in several ways to add extra resistance to the traditional exercises depending on how you hold the bag. These are powerful techniques for muscle gain.

    Do you want to boost your abdominal workouts? Just do the traditional abs exercises such as crunches, sit-ups, etc. with it.

    Hold it on one of your shoulders, or on both, overhead, or hug it while you do squats. All these versions will strengthen and tone your legs in different ways.

    Do you want to strengthen your shoulders? Do military presses with it, raise it in front of you or on your sides.

    And these are just a few examples. There is no limit how many ways it is possible to use it to make your workouts more challenging. It is particularly ideal for boosting your bodyweight workouts.

    abs training


    4. Weight loss & endurance

    Since a bag is hard to grab and hold, a lot of muscles work together to keep your balance and to perform the motions correctly. The more muscles are engaged, the more calories are burned. Hence, it is perfect for losing weight.

    Also, this fitness equipment is an excellent option to develop your endurance. For example, hug the bag and run or do explosive jumps with it or just walking with it. You cannot do these exercises with other free weights.

    To sum up, a sandbag is a useful exercise equipment for anyone who wants to build muscles, burn fat, develop endurance and want to do not so traditional yet efficient training. It can be added to any types of workout routine, though.

    And do not forget that it is possible to add or remove sand from the better models. Hence, they allow to increase or decrease the resistance to your fitness level.


    Best sandbag exercises

    From the following chart you can learn the most well-known moves that you might include in your workout program.

    sandbag training ideas poster

    Weight bag exercises for shoulders, leg, arms, chest | Credit:


    If you want even more proof of how versatile gear the sandbag is, just watch the following video in which you will learn a lot of powerful drills. I particularly like the upper body sandbag exercises.

    Sandbag workout routines

    Sandbag HIIT Workout

    And here is an example 30 minute full body sandbag interval workout routine that burns fat and develops your endurance and strength. Depending on your level, you may want to increase or decrease the reps and sets. This is an excellent home workout.


    12-min Tabata Workout

    It can be an effective alternative for free weights, and suitable for women as well. This sandbag workout for beginners is a good example. It is perfect for shaping your legs, arms and back and for fat loss.


    Wasn’t enough? Here is an excellent presentation form This basic weight bag workout is especially great for strengthening your core muscles but the squats with weight bag and lunges work your lower body perfectly as well.


    bag and tag training

    Full body sandbag workout and core bag exercises


    Best sandbags for working out

    You can get the highest quality bag at here. There products are bit more expensive ones, but very high quality and you can choose form various sizes. For cheaper models read on.

    The best workout sandbag at Amazon is the SKLZ that has the most positive reviews and beneficial features. And compared to other products the price is much lower, although SKLZ is maybe not enough for pros.

    SKLZ Heavy Duty Training Weight Bag
    416 Reviews
    SKLZ Heavy Duty Training Weight Bag
    Well made. Plenty of handles for a wide range of motion.


    • Strategic handles are placed in various positions on it. They help you to grab the equipment more comfortably. They are useful when you are swinging or lifting it.
    • It comes with four 10 lbs weight bags that you can fill with sand. Keep in mind that sand is not included.
    • You can remove these weights and fit them individually or all of them depending on how intense and hard workout you want to do.
    • It feature zipper enclosure and are reinforced with Velcro.
    • Made from sturdy materials for long lasting usage.
    • The price is not bad.


    • Keep in mind that changing the weight, filling the pockets with sand, is time-consuming. Hence, do it before you start working out.
    • A few users find a bit complicated to fit all the four weight bags in the outer bag and that the sand leaks out a little bit.


    If you check out the customer reviews here, you will see that they are pretty positive, although a few users complain about the mention problems. So, SKLZ Sandbag may need some improvement, but you can send it back in case you are not satisfied with it since it comes with a warranty.

    Check out what users think about super sandbag training here.



    The sandbag weights are definitely exciting equipment to work out with. It is an excellent alternative to kettlebells or dumbbells and has numerous benefits. Plus, it is versatile, portable and inexpensive. Sandbag weight training is something you should try.

    Do you have any questions or opinion? Feel free to share with us below.

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