The Best Six Pack Abs Secret! It’s Not What You Think

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Is having six pack abs is one of your biggest dreams? It is mine, too, and I’m working on it. No, not with those “magic” abdominal machines and with the “secrets” of those so-called fitness experts.

The secret is that there is no secret! It is all about common sense, hard work, dedication, proper diet and a bit of lifestyle change. It seems to be hard, doesn’t it? Don’t worry! It is not.

If you believe those fitness models get their perfect midsection because of using a particular machine or by taking supplements, you just lie to yourself. And I do not want to hurt you, but you are among those people who are always seeking shortcuts to reach their goals. Actually, because of this, they can never get what they want.

The only way you can get six pack abs is to burn the fat covering your stomach. No matter how shredded and strong your abdominal muscles are if they are covered with a layer of fat.

How can you make your abs visible?

With a balanced diet, and workout routine consisting both strength training and aerobic exercises. That is what those fitness models do as well.

Let’s put them into bullets.


Balanced Diet


Have you ever seen a guy or woman who chews junk food every day and had a perfect body? I have not, and if there are, they are certainly not healthy.

A balanced diet is simply an eating routine that provides the right types and amount of nutrients to keep your body healthy. Also, with it, you take the proper amount of calories that support your weight loss in a healthy way.

I do not want to talk about regimes too much here since you can find tons of information about them online. For example, within the weight loss and diet category of this website.

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Aerobic & Strength Training Exercises


The best way to melt the fat on your body is to do aerobic exercises combined with strength training. No, there is no need to buy expensive fitness equipment for that, bodyweight exercises will do as well.

If you have ever done burpees, push ups, sprints, lunges or jumping jacks, you felt they boost not only your heart rate up but also strengthen each of your muscles. Hence, they are perfect for getting strong muscle mass and at the same time burn calories.

There are a lot of cardio exercises you can do without going to gym.

For example, running, jogging, jump roping, sprinting just to mention some.

It is not hard to find fat burning workout routines out there consisting these efficient exercises.

I dedicated an entire category for fat burning workouts here. Just check it out you can find many types of routines.

And for strength training? As I said, bodyweight exercises are suitable for most of us. Do pushups and squat variations, pull ups, chin ups, and dips.

Do not underestimate the efficiency of these exercises! There are millions of people with perfect body and strength without lifting weights.

Want to know more about bodyweight training? Just check out our calisthenics category where you can find tons of tips and workout routines.


Abs Workout


The last on this list is the abs training. Why? Because it is the least important to get six pack abs.

You may say now this guy is mad, but I tell you why.

If you pay attention to your diet and burn fat with regular aerobic exercises, then you already have a thin layer of fat on your tummy. So, your abs are visible.

And because of the strength training exercises, especially if you do bodyweight ones, your abdominal muscles are already strong. The reason is that this muscle group is almost always engaged by these moves.

However, this does not mean you should not focus on your abs as well. At least not as much as you think.

A good abs workout consists just the most beneficial exercises and trains all part of the core. It does not have to be long since most of the abdominal exercises do not burn as much fat as you think. Consequently, they are for just strengthening and toning your abs.

What are the best exercises and workout routines for your abs? Check out this category, you can find all the info you need.


You just learned the “secrets” of getting six pack abs. But this means nothing if you do not take action! If you do not change your lifestyle and workout routine, you will hardly get that six pack. The worst you can do is seeking for the shortcuts that will never get you results.

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