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Best Shoulder Workouts for Women to Shape Your Deltoid

    best shoulder workouts for women

    Ladies like to focus on their abs, butts and legs, and they usually neglect their shoulders. However, having toned, a bit wider and round shoulders look great if you wear a dress or a top. They make your hips and waist look thinner.

    In addition, they are required to make your body more symmetrical, and since your deltoids are used in almost every exercises, it is important to strengthen them.

    It is never too late to develop the deltoid muscles. You will find many powerful shoulder workouts for women below that help you to transform your upper body in no time.

    What are the best shoulder exercises for women?

    Before talking about the most beneficial moves here are some tips to avoid injuries and to get the most from the movements.

    • Firstly, and this is crucial, you need to warm up your shoulder muscles before the training. Spend about 5-10 minutes on warming up your entire body and focusing on your deltoids / rotator cuff.
    • For most of the deltoid exercises for women, you will need to use free weights. There is no need to use heavy weights since you will not be able to perform the motions correctly and do the number of sets and reps. On top of that, using too heavy weights may cause injuries as well. Pick ones that are heavy enough to challenge your muscles but allow to keep the correct form.
    • To get the most from your workouts, you need to pay attention to performing the moves correctly. Do the motions slowly focusing on your shoulders. Avoid swinging and twitching while you do weight training.
    • Finally, after your workout spend some time with stretching.

    Now you now what you should focus on during your training, now let’s see the most beneficial exercises for shoulders at home for ladies.

    For most of the workouts, you will need one or a pair of dumbbells that you can buy for some bucks if you have not got yet. This way you will be able to do the workout routines at home without going to the gym.

    I think, the best exercises for sexier shoulders are the following ones:

    • Dumbbell shoulder press (can be done in seated or standing positions)
    • Side lateral raise.
    • Front dumbbell raise.
    • Bent-Over Lateral raises with dumbbells (can be done in standing or seated positions or with cable machine.)
    • Bodyweight moves: push ups, pull ups and dips.

    Since there are great tutorials online, I put together a playlist in which you can learn how to perform these activities correctly. In my opinion, the best exercise to build muscle and strength is the overhead dumbbell press (it also works the upper part of your chest).


    Now you know the best moves and how to perform them. The next step is to pick a workout plan. Here are a few good shoulder workout routines for women.

    Intermediate Shoulder Routine for Girls

    This is an excellent routine with some compound exercises with free weight and bodyweight moves. Bodyweight exercises are great since they put less stress on the joints. It is maybe better for those who are familiar with working out.


    Build Nice Shoulders

    This is an excellent fitness program for ladies to strengthen and enhance the definition of your shoulders and arms together. It includes the most beneficial dumbbell exercises. You should 3 sets with 10 reps for each one.


    Sexy Shoulder and Back Workout

    In this video deltoids and back are trained together. Good for both mass and definition.


    Using TRX

    TRX is an excellent equipment for home to strengthen your entire body. From this guide you can learn a few activities for your delts. However, this type of training also strengthen other muscle groups at the same time as well.


    More routines

    beginner workout



    exercises for your shoulders



    female deltoid workout

    Credit: Sarah Bowmar


    shoulder plan for ladies

    Credit: | Arm and shoulder workout for women


    Won’t I look bulky and muscular if I do girl shoulder workouts?

    That is what my wife asked when I put together her routine. My answer is NO! To have such huge physique like girls doing bodybuilding, a lot of work and proper nutrition is required. They also lift heavy weights.

    How to get rid of female shoulders fat?

    To burn fat and get lean body, you should focus on your nutrition and do cardio training. With women’s shoulder workouts, you can make your muscles toned and strong, but they cannot be seen if they are covered with fat. So, focus on your diet plan that will support your weight loss. However, doing higher number of reps 15-25 with lighter weights may help as well.

    I do not like lifting weights? Are there any exercises without weights?

    Yes! I have put together a list here. These moves do not require any equipment at all so you can do them anywhere.

    How often should I train?

    To keep you muscles and joints in a healthy condition you should not work them too much. I think, training twice a week is the maximum. They need time to recover and you should have time for other muscle groups.

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