7 Possible Reasons Why You Fail Getting Six Packs

six pack abs mythsI’m sure you have a friend who never goes to the gym and eats junk all the time, but he has beautiful midsection. I have a friend Peter who has perfect six pack abs, even if he has never been to the gym and eats everything but the kitchen sink.

As it is said, those people have good genes. Also, they are a good example for that giving six pack abs to people is not an easy task. What works for other people, may not work for you.

The genes, lifestyle, body type, age and many other factors are responsible for losing and gaining weight. So, it is not easy to give suggestions for everyone. However, there is one thing for sure. Do not follow those fad diets and gossips that telling you will be able to get six pack in no time without any effort from your side.

Even if you know a lot of abs exercises, please let me suggest some useful tips and dispel those myths about getting washboard abs.

1. Myth: Carbohydrates Just Make You Fat

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Carbs are essential nutrients that are required for getting energy. That means carbs are not the enemies of a flat stomach.

Of course, foods holding a lot of simple carbohydrates such as white bread, sodas, sweets, etc. will boost your blood-sugar level discouraging your weight loss.

If you cannot live without them, you can have a little bit of them after working out. Simply carbs help regeneration after training.

Pay attention to getting your daily dose of carbohydrates from veggies, fruits, legumes, whole wheat pasta, brown rice, seeds, nuts and so on. Those foods hold the good carbs that are broken up slowly, so they do not boost your blood-sugar level up.

But, as much as you can, avoid processed foods. They are full of ingredients that are only understood by scientists. And that are certainly bad for you.

2. Myth: Supplements are enough

There are some safe products such as green tea extract that support the fat burning processes, but do not think you will get flat tummy just because you have them every day.

I tell you a secret. For most of us getting six pack is a long and hard way. There are no shortcuts!

You can reach your goal with a well-organized workout routine, having enough rest and a diet that helps to lower your body fat index.

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3. Myth: If You train your abs a lot, nutrition is not important

If you eat junk all the time, you will never have a healthy body (even if it is lean.) Your body will be like a dustbin. And sooner or later you will have health problems.

As it is said “Abs are made in the kitchen! It is not enough to pay attention to eating healthy foods. You should also focus on the portions. You can eat too much from healthy foods taking in more calories that your body can burn. As a result, you will not lose weight but gain it.

A rule thumb: if you eat more food than your body burn, you will gain weight. And you can forget the six pack abs!

4. Myth: Do abs workouts every day!

Your abdominal muscles are the same as the others in your body, so they need time to rest. If you train your abs each end every day, you will over-train those muscles for sure. For me, the 3-4 abs workout per a day works the best.

5. Myth: Slow reps are more efficient

I have just read a research in which slow and quick abs motions were tested. The result was that the quick moves stimulated the core muscles better. Still, I believe changing the speed and tempo is the most efficient method.

6. Myths: Crunches and sit-ups are enough


These are the two most well-known abs exercises for sure, but there are far more.

Why should you do more types of activities?

Once, doing the same moves all the time is tedious.

Secondly, the different moves train your abs in different ways. There are moves which are better for the rectus abdominis or the oblique. Also, there are harder ones and easier ones letting you do more reps and sets.

For example, my favorite abs exercises are the various hanging leg raises, planks, and mountain climbers.

Also, I change the reps and sets regularly, and sometimes I use weights to increase the resistance. My core training is really versatile, but I’m proud of the strength of my midsection. (Even if I still have a thin layer of fat on my stomach).

7. Myth: Local fat burning

You can work your abs all day long if you have a layer of fat on your tummy. Your abdominal muscles will be never visible. Just by doing abs exercises, you cannot burn enough fat.

As I said before, a healthy diet and a complete workout routine are the keys to results. However, there are other factors such as stress. If you are stressful, your cortisol level gets high, and that hormone discourages weight loss.

I hope you have learned something new that will help you to get that six pack. You can find a lot of weight loss tips here and abs workouts here.

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