What Can Happen if You Don’t Sleep Enough?

You pay attention to your diet and eat the right things day by day. You do not smoke and drink alcohol. You work out to keep your body fit. So, you do your best to keep your body and mind healthy.

But, still, you feel tired and let down almost every day. You find it hard to handle stress and your emotions. And sometimes you think you cannot cope with your life.

You do almost everything that is advised for a healthy life, but you still feel bad in your skin.

Do you sleep enough, though?

Do you have that quality 7-8 hours deep sleep at night? Or are you among the 30% of people living in the USA who sleep than 6 hours every day?

If you are among them, you should change that bad habit now, because sleep deprivation is far more harmful than you think.
If you do not have enough sleep daily that slowly ruins your effectiveness and health.

Those people who do not sleeping enough have a higher risk of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cancer and being obese, just to mention some.

Was not enough? Just read the following sentences from a study made by University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center.

Blood samples taken after just one week of getting fewer than six hours of sleep a night showed changes to more than 700 genes due to sleep deprivation alone, according to the study.

Yes, it even changes your genes. Certainly not in a positive way.

From the following infographic, you can learn even more negative side effects of lack of sleep.

To sum up: You can have a lifestyle with the best nutrition, training and without harmful habits, if you do not sleep enough, your life is at risk. Without resting enough your body cannot repair itself and maintain its healthy functional state. So, the next time instead of watching junk on the TV, or tapping your device, go to sleep!

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