5 Tips on How to Handle Bad Mood

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How to Smile and Be Happy Every DayDo you usually wake up in the morning with a bad mood, go to work sadly and spend your whole day without a smile on your face? A know a lot of people who do.

The bad mood and negative thoughts affect all part of your life from working to relationships. And it is a fact it has a harmful impact on your health. Well-balanced people who pay attention to be happy each and every day are healthier and suffer from far fewer illnesses.

So, it is your turn to get rid of those bad feelings. Be optimistic and smile more. You will see, the more happiness and smile you give for yourself and others, the more you get back.

Is your glass half empty or half full?

Is your glass half empty or half fullTo not get deep into self-pity and to not hate the world around us, we should change the outlook on life.

That glass is not half empty, but half full! Your task is to open the tap and fill that glass up.

There is no one in this world who has not got problems. Sometimes we are up and sometimes we are down. This is the life!

But whenever you feel yourself deep down, do not think about that it cannot be worse, because it can be! Just look around the world. It is not such a big problem if the glass is just half full. The big problem would be if it were totally empty.

Appreciate your family, friends, your job, the place where you live. If you learn how to thank the good things in your life, it is going to be much easier to be happy and take up the glove when something hard comes.

Love Your Job

choose-job-you-like-quoteMany people are pessimistic because of their work. They feel that the work days will never end, and they hate their job.

Are you in the same situation?

If you feel you cannot stand this state anymore, start searching for another job. But do not leave your current job yet. It is not hard to find a course you are interested in and can be done after the working hours.

And, just because you start something you love doing, you will feel yourself much better instantly. If you do something to reach your goals, it will change how you see the world. It gives you motivation and makes you more optimistic.

Until you get a better job, enjoy your current one a little bit more. At least because it gives the money you need to pay your bills and live.

Control Your Anger

Anger is a poison that just ruins your life. The more you are angry, the more you will be. It is a trap.

You have to learn how to control your emotions. Before shouting at someone, take a deep breath and count ten. Or go for a walk, have a tea or just go to the bathroom and wash your face with cold water. Wait for 10-20 minutes, and solve the problem with cool-head.

Those people who are almost always angry about something have a higher blood pressure. And that can lead to several health issues.

You can learn more anger management techniques from the following video.


Talk More With the People Around You

Do not have a day without talking and smiling at the people around you. Tell them how good they look, how great their new shoes or dresses are, or just ask something about how things are going. Call your loved-ones who are far away at least once a week, or just send a friendly SMS or email. Do the same with your spouse even if you meet each other every day.

You will see that these little kindnesses will make that person shine and happy. And it is going to be good for you to see the smile on her or his face.

Also, talk at least 30 minutes with your spouse. Of course, not just about what to buy and pay, or about TV programs. Share what happened with you during the day, the good and bad events. Talk about how you feel yourselves in your skins. A short discussion even if it is just half an hour can make your relationship much better.

Remember When You Were Happy

I’m sure you have good days beside the bad ones. Whenever you feel yourself let down, remember those days when you were happy. Remember what kindnesses have made you happy during the day. Did you hear a sweet song? Was the shopkeeper kind? Was your colleague helpful? Did your kids make you smile?

Take a piece of paper and jot down the things that made you happy. And the next time you feel let down, grab your note. I’m sure you will find something on it that you can do. For example, you can listen to your favorite songs, have a nice dinner with your spouse, or play with your kids.

Your aim should be not to let the bad mood and sadness win over you. Do something against it as soon as possible.

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