Spiderman Push Ups Guide | How Tos, Benefits and Variations

spiderman push ups guide

Are you fed up with the good old push ups? Can you make 20-30 reps easily and feel no challenge? It is time try other push up variations that can be a new stimulus for your mind and body.

Here I’m going to focus on the Spiderman push ups that is an excellent compound exercise working not only your chest muscles but several others that are responsible for keeping the stability and the¬†balance of your body. It is a perfect home workout for both men and women, though performing the move is not so easy if you have not done it before.

Spiderman Push Ups Muscles Worked

The Spiderman exercise benefits are numerous. Obviously, your chest, shoulder, triceps and core muscles get a load while performing the movement. However, other secondary muscles such as your biceps, legs and back are also engaged.

So, it is it works your entire upper body. Hence, it is great for developing your strength and condition.

How to do it

Starting position

Get the traditional push-up position, so your torso is straight, your arms are stretched, and your hands are bit wider than your shoulders looking forward. Your feet rely on the toes.


When you go down, you pull your knees to your elbows on the same side. So, your left knee to your left elbow, and you right knee to your right elbow.

In a more advanced option, the hand also moves from the ground and is placed a few inches back on the same side and time as the knee pull.

But here is a video tutorial that will help you to learn what you should pay attention to.

The end of the move should be when your chest almost reaches the floor, or at least you should try to touch it. For a moment keep this position. Then, by breathing out and with the help of the muscles, you push yourself back to the starting position. And, then obviously, you make the same move for the other side.

Typical Mistakes

  • It is not easy, but try not to turn your torso while you perform the move. Keep your body parallel with the floor during the entire exercise.
  • Your entire body should be straight and tight. Keep your abs tight and tense them all the way.

Tips for Beginners

If you are a beginner, you may find it hard to focus on so many things at once, but with practice, your body and mind will get used to it.

If you cannot perform it at all, you can put your knees on the ground before pushing yourself back at the moment when your arms are bent.

Also, you can make the spiderman pushup exercise easier by placing your hands on a higher position than your feet. You can use a weight bench or even the bar of a power rack. Place you hand and try to make the move as correctly as if it was done on the floor. So, keep your body straight. The higher position you are at, the easier the push up will be. So, gradually decrease the height until you reach the horizontal level.


Another alternative is the TRX Spiderman pushups when you place your feet into the handles of the equipment. It is going to be harder to perform since your feet are not a stable position.

trx version

Tips for Advanced Trainers

If you want to maximize the outcome of this exercise instead of performing it at the same place, you should move forward. This exercise is called the walking spider push ups or alligator crawl which is an excellent compound movement to develop functional strength and endurance. It seems to be not so hard, but believe me crawling this way for 2-3 minutes will knock most of us out.

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Check out the following video how to do it.



And if you are a pro, you can add extra resistance by putting up a weighted vest. (Or your kid, if you have, as I do.) Start with lighter weight and gradually increase the amount, but keep the proper form.

By using extra weight with Spiderman crawl pushup and alligator crawl, you can build incredible functional strength for sure.

And finally, another variation called Spiderman plank which is a killer core exercise. When you go down, and your knees reached your elbows, you keep that position for 30-60 depending on our fitness level.


Spiderman push ups benefits are numerous. It is one of the best bodyweight exercises that has many strength training and even weight loss benefits. Hence, I suggest you include in your workouts. And it is not just for people doing calisthenics or bodybuilding but for every sport. Most of the MMA fighters do it. Do you need more proof than that?

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