What is Split Training and Its Benefits

training-split-bodybuildingGenerally, split training means that we work each of the muscle groups on separate days and not all of them on one session. In addition, we should work maximum 3 body parts per training and we let minimum 3 days for the worked muscle groups to recover.

Benefits of Splits

  • This workout technique is pretty common these days and recommended by the bodybuilding experts. There are 2-3-4-5 day plans. These plans are made for a week. You can find some example programs below.
  • The main advantage is that we can have a shorter workout which has various benefits. We can do more intensive, focused and efficient workouts.
  • We can also utilize more types of exercises for a particular muscle since we have more energy and time.
  • While a full body workout can take up hours, we can complete a split one in 40-50 minutes which reduces the possibility of overtraining.
  • In addition, shorter time has a positive impact on motivation as well, since most of the people are less motivated if they know they will have to work out for long hours.
  • Another benefit is that muscles have more recovery time. If we do full body workouts 3 times a week, that means they have maximum 2 days to recover. If your training splits than they will have 3 days or more. This improves muscle growth and with proper nutrition we can achieve better results.

Split Training vs Full Body

I found a great video which can help a lot to understand which suits you the best. Anyway, the guy in this video also suggests splitting the workouts if your aim is gaining muscle. Personally, I change split workouts with full body ones since my aim is not building muscle mass, but strength and burning fat.


About Split Routines

Fitness experts recommend starting with bigger muscle groups such as legs, chest and back and continue with smaller ones like abs, biceps, triceps, shoulders, etc. Others say the best way is separating the upper body and lower body.

In my opinion, the best is if you test yourself. What works for one, maybe it will not work for you.

Here are two examples.


I found 2 useful document online about this topic and I merged them into one. You can find a lot of valuable information.


In the video below you can find out which is the best body part split for you.



I hope you know understand what split training is. Once, you get familiar with regular working out, change from full body training to this technique.

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Which works you better and why?
 If you follow a split routine what sorts of body parts you train on a day?

What is your training frequency?

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