Best Standing Abs Workouts to Shape Your Belly

standing abs workouts

Do you want to burn more belly fat? Or are you fed up with the traditional abdominal exercises on the floor? Then, do standing ab exercises to tighten your stomach in minutes!

Doing standing moves for abs have numerous benefits.

  • These exercises engage all the core muscles at once. These are your lower and upper abs, obliques.
  • They allow you to tone and strengthen your core muscles from different angles which is always beneficial to develop.
  • Since several muscles are engaged because of the vertical position, you can burn more calories than doing the typical exercises for abs on the floor.
  • These moves do not put so much stress on your lower back.
  • They have a positive impact on your posture and balance.
  • And finally, you do not need any equipment and can be done anywhere. Although, you can increase the resistance if you want by using ankle weights or resistance bands.

Now you know why vertical core exercises are so useful. And while they are usually recommended for women, they are perfect for men as well to shape their tummy.

What are the best standing ab exercises?

The standing bicycle or knee to elbow.


The side to side chops and cross chops.


The extended toe touch and side leg raise.


They seem to be simple exercises to lose belly fat, but if you do a few sets with high reps, you are going to feel the burn, believe me.

Below I have collected the best standing abs workout videos in which these moves are combined into a routine. You will also learn some extra movements.

Lose the Love Handles

Have you got some extra fat on your hips? This routine will help you to get rid of the fat around you hips and strengthen your obliques well. You will learn various standing crunches as well.


12 Minute Standing Abs with Dumbbell Workout

If you are at a higher fitness level and already have pretty strong core muscles, you can add extra resistance by using a dumbbell. Do not use heavy weights, just light ones and focus on performing the exercises correctly. If you are a beginner, just do this routine without a dumbbell.


9 Minute Core Training With a Towel

Use a simple towel and strengthen your entire core and even your back. This 10-minute workout will make you sweat by keeping your heart rate elevated.


6 Pack Ab Exercise – Standing Planks

Did you know that you can do planks in a vertical position? Yes, you only need a resistance band and a bar. Watch the tutorial below.


10 Minute Workout to Lose Belly Fat

This workout is an excellent example of how to combine the most beneficial standing moves for abs mentioned above.


Jillian Michaels: Vertical Abdominal Workout

And finally here is a workout from Jillian Michaels. It is great that she included the high knees exercise that is perfect for the abdominals.


Standing Ab Wheel Rollouts

Well, if you found the workouts too easy then this exercise with the help of the ab wheel is for you. This is a hard move that works not only your entire core but almost every part of your body. Although, keep in mind that is is not a beginner level activity. I mean it requires strong existing core strength. So, first use the wheel in a traditional way, and as you get stronger, try the standing version. There is no question that, it makes a strong midsection.


I think you have just learned many home exercises to lose belly fat, so it is your turn to start training. If you do one of these standing abs workout routines, at least, three times and week and you pay attention to what you eat, you will get flat tummy sooner than you think.

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