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7 Standing Abs Workouts to Shape Your Belly

    Do you want to burn more belly fat? Or are you fed up with the traditional abs exercises on the floor? Then, do standing ab workout to tighten your stomach in minutes!

    What are the benefits of standing ab exercises?

    • These exercises engage all the core muscles at once. These are your lower and upper abs, obliques.
    • They allow you to tone and strengthen your core from different angles, which is always beneficial to develop.
    • Since several muscles are engaged because of the vertical position, you can burn more calories than doing the typical exercises for abs on the floor.
    • These moves do not put so much stress on your lower back.
    • They have a positive impact on your posture and balance.
    • And finally, you do not need any equipment and can be done anywhere. Although, you can increase the resistance if you want by using ankle weights or resistance bands.

    Now you know why vertical core exercises are so useful. And while they are usually recommended for women, they are perfect for men as well to shape their tummy.

    1. 5 Min Standing Ab to Lose Love Handles

    Have you got some extra fat on your hips? This routine will help you to get rid of the fat around your sides and strengthen your obliques well. You will learn various standing crunches. It is pretty easy, so if you are a beginner, you can start with it. However, it is crucial to follow the exercise guides carefully since it easy to perform the moves poorly. They seem to be straightforward but require focus to get the desired effects.

    2. 12 Minute Standing Core Workout with Weights

    If you are at a higher fitness level and already have pretty strong core muscles, you can add extra resistance by using a dumbbell. Do not use heavy weights, just light ones, and focus on performing the exercises correctly. If you are a beginner, do this routine without a dumbbell. You will see that some moves are pretty complicated, so you may need some time to learn the correct forms.

    3. 9 Minute Core Training With a Towel

    Use a simple towel and strengthen your entire core and even your back. This 10-minute workout will make you sweat by keeping your heart rate elevated. If, for some reason, you cannot perform exercises on the floor and you want to train moderately, then try this 10-minute ab circuit.

    4. 6 Pack Ab Exercise  for Men – Standing Planks

    Did you know that you can do planks in a vertical position?

    This variation is excellent to strengthen your transverse abdominis, a muscle that can be seen because of being under the rectus abdominis and obliques. That muscle is vital for core stability. This way, the standing plank is a beneficial functional abdominal movement.

    For this exercise, you need a bar (pull up bar or a broomstick) and a rubber band which will provide the resistance. Fix the rubber band to the end of the bar and fix it somewhere stable, for example, to the upper bar of the power rack.

    Grab the bar, and push away from your body the anchored side of the bar. When you push the bar out, you will feel your abs and obliques activated to prevent the bar from going back towards the resistance of the band. By stepping forward or using a stronger band, you can increase the resistance.

    5. Beginner 10 Minute Workout to Lose Belly Fat

    This workout is an excellent example of how to combine the most beneficial standing exercises for abs mentioned above.

    Exercises for abs included in the routine:

    Standing Pike Crunch – It is almost the same as if you are doing single lifts on the floor. What you have to pay attention to is not using the momentum when you lift your leg, but use the strength of your abs. Lift only one leg for 45 seconds, then change. It seems to be easy, but after that time you will feel your abs for sure.

    Captain Morgan Diagonal Pass – This simple medicine ball exercise is great to engage your hip flexors, lower abs, and obliques. Also, it improves your balance. It is a functional exercise that enhances your body for everyday activities.

    Jumping oblique twist – This exercise raises your heart rate, so it burns more calories. It works your obliques, glutes, and thighs at the same time. It is among the best standing exercises for belly fat burning.

    Torso rotation – It seems to be a beginner exercise, but if you do it with a controlled technique, it fully works your entire core.

    High Knee Chops – Another move for weight loss. Do not use the momentum; pull your leg towards your torso with the power of your abs.

    Waist pinchers – Easy move to strengthen those side abs. Use the power of the oblique to lift your leg.

    6. Vertical ab workout at work

    Strengthen each part of your abdominal wall with these exercises. You don’t need much space so you can get ready with even at your office.

    vertical ab workout


    7. An Advanced Ab Wheel Exercise

    Well, if you found the workouts too easy, then this exercise with the help of the ab wheel is for you. This is a hard move that works not only your entire core but almost every part of your body. Although, keep in mind that is is not a beginner level activity. I mean, it requires strong existing core strength. So, first, traditionally use the wheel, and as you get stronger, try the standing version. There is no question that it makes a strong midsection.

    More tips

    • Each of these plans is office and time friendly. When you have a break, in 5 minutes, you can have strength training for your midsection. They also help to get rid of the disadvantages of sitting too much. And, to refresh your lower and upper body
    • If you are at an advanced level of fitness, you can add extra resistance to these moves with the help of dumbbells and rubber bands.
    • Focus on the correct form.

    I think you have just learned many home standing exercises to lose belly fat, so it is your turn to start training. If you do one of these standing ab workout routines, at least, three times and week and you pay attention to what you eat, you will get flat tummy sooner than you think.


    James Wright

    James (36) has been working out since he was 15 years old. He has a home gym where he pumps iron, does bodyweight workouts and boxing. He likes sharing his experiences with others who want to build a better physique.

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