What Are the Best Stretches for Shoulder Pain

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stretches for shoulder pain

A shoulder pain is something everybody is looking to avoid because it can make your daily tasks very difficult to accomplish. Regardless of their cause, these pains will reduce your mobility and get in the way of doing the things you normally do during the day.

Whether it is something at work, cleaning the house, taking your child in your arms, anything will become very uncomfortable because of your shoulder issue.

But before reaching for drugs or creams, do try out a couple of stretches for shoulder pain and neck pain, as they might help you ease the pain without the need of taking any medicines. It is worth trying, as this sort of therapy is a more natural and safe alternative to painkillers. (A research has proved that.)

Persons that work out are familiar with a painful shoulder, as putting too much pressure on it or doing strengthening exercises in an incorrect manner can have a detrimental effect on this body part.

However, there are people that have this type of pain due to a medical condition, like arthritis. The illness can make life difficult, as joints tend to become more rigid and painful, decreasing the mobility and not allowing one to perform movements that were once normal.

The exercises for shoulder pain relief can help people in both of these cases. Not moving it at all, waiting for the pain to pass is not a good strategy, as it won’t work, and your sufferance will be just prolonged.

Here are the best shoulder stretches for pain that will help you restore the flexibility of your deltoid and shoulder blades.

Wall Stretches

A very efficient exercise is the wall stretch. You can easily perform this at home, at the office, or wherever you have a wall to lean on.

You should be with the face towards a wall, at a distance that will permit only to touch it with your fingers. Thus, reach with one hand towards the wall, pointing straight ahead, and start walking with your finger on the wall. As your hand goes up the wall, you will also have to come easily closer to the wall, so that your fingers remain on the wall’s surface.

Try to do this to the height your shoulder can withstand. The ideal position would be to get the hand all the way up the wall, and you should be completely stuck to the wall.

But if your shoulder blades will not allow this much, then just go as high as you can with the hand, and maintain the maximum height for about 8 seconds. You can do this with both hands on the wall, or with one hand at a time.

Here are some more yoga stretches for shoulders that you can do at the wall.

Shoulder Pain Stretches with Door

Another stretch would be one using a door knob or handle. Again, this can be performed anywhere you have a door. Still, the back of a chair can be used as a support for this stretch as well.

You should stand at a distance from your door knob enough to allow yourself to grab it with both hands. Holding the door knob or handle firmly, and without moving your hands, gently backup while leaning forward.

The idea is to bend from your middle to form a 90-degree angle and end up with your arms completely straight while still holding onto the door, or chair. A more stretch will be applied if the door is closed, as your support object will not be moving. But it depends on how much you can take.

Source: mprentice.hubpages.com

You can also use the door frame as a support for your shoulder stretches. It is a very efficient type of exercise, both for shoulder and neck pain, for sportsmen, people that work too much on a computer and even in the case of arthritis.

You will need to stand on the threshold of an open door and lean on your hands, putting your palms up and leaning on your forearm. For this, you will have to raise your elbows to form a 90-degree angle away from your sides, and place the forearm and palms on the door frame.

Now, just make subtle steps forward, without moving your hands from the door frame. Just lean forward as much as you can, hold it there for a couple of seconds and go back. You can do this shoulder pain treatment every day until the pain eases.

Here is how to do door frame stretch.

Stretching Without Tools

A great stretch is also the ones with your arms behind. It is a movement also used by sportsmen, for a joint and muscle warming up before the actual training.

Just put both your arms in the back and make sure the fingers are interlocked, for a better efficiency of the exercise. The back should be in a straight position, and so should your head.

Now what you have to do is lifting your arms to point towards the ceiling, and keep the position for a couple of seconds. While you do this, your shoulder muscles will stretch, relieving the pain.

Descend the hand and do it again, as you will have to repeat this movement a couple of times to make it help your pain issue.

Or, you can do an overhead arm stretch, as it works great on your shoulder.

Just raise one hand up and bend it from your elbow, to reach with your palm the spot on your back between the shoulders. With the other hand, just gently pull the elbow of the bended hand towards your head.

Do this stretch with short and repeated movements, trying to release the pressure causing the pain in your shoulders. You will need to work on one hand at a time until you will feel a gentle warmth in the muscles of your shoulders, and your pain will start to fade.

Here are the tutorial how to do these motions and you can learn a few more shoulder pain exercises.

Stretches for Shoulder Blade Pain

If you have problems with your shoulder blade, then here are a few physiotherapy exercises for shoulder pain that focuses on your blade.


All these exercises are great when you wake up with a sore or stiff shoulder. We all know how uncomfortable that is, but these exercises for shoulder pain and neck pain can be done anywhere and anytime you feel like and they will be highly efficient as well.

Even if they seem difficult in the beginning, don’t let go and try doing them in a gentle manner. In a short notice, as your shoulder will start stretching, you will begin feeling better.

These stretches also help to get rid of chest and rotator cuff after workouts, improve the mobility of your upper back, and they are good for poor posture. They are going to help you have a better lifestyle.

If you want to get rid of shoulder pain faster, then you may want to combine these moves with other natural solutions. I hope you know how to relieve shoulder pain at home and you will feel better soon.

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