Extreme Supplement Use Causes Eating Disorder in Men

men-supplement-eating-disorderWhen we hear the phrase eating disorder, we almost always associate it with women. Anorexia, bulimia, fad diets and others are the diseases of women who want to look slim like the models on the pages of magazines.

But men just want the same, don’t they? Who else does not want broad shoulders, massive chest and six pack abs?

Every magazine and movie are stuffed with great looking guys pushing us towards building a lean muscular body as if it was the only way to be successful and loved by girls.

Millions of men pump iron each day to get the body they dream about. They are also on serious diets and stuff themselves with various supplements to get results faster, not to mention the steroids and other illegal drugs.

The supplement industry is booming. Their advertisements suggest us the only way to build perfect body is having more protein, creatine, L-creatine, etc. On top of that, all these things are recommended by “trusted” fitness and bodybuilding experts.

And what we do? We stuff ourselves with these things instead of eating real food. We think they are OK since “trustworthy” manufacturers produce them, and there cannot be any problems.

A recent research by Richard Achiro, Ph.D. has just proved the opposite. Having too many supplements can cause several diseases such as kidney, liver and digestion problems.

Read the following document for details.

Excessive Workout Supplement Use: An Emerging Eating Disorder in Men

Protein Powder Side Effects

Since protein is the most over-used type of supplement here is an infographic to learn more about the side effects.

Source: Side effects of protein powder explained




What do I think?

As with everything in life, we need to find the middle way. Consuming supplements with moderation certainly has positive effects on muscle mass, strength and even health. But it should not substitute real foods.

It is possible to take in large part of the nutrients that our bodies require from natural sources even if we work out seriously. However, it is not easy. Supplements should be used to fill the shortage.

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