Why I Like Sylvester Stallone



Someone loves him; others don’t, but personally I’m a huge fan of the movies of Sylvester Stallone, especially the Rocky series.

I was so motivated by those boxing moves, particularly the Rocky II. and III., that I started boxing. I think, those training scenes were very inspirational. You may say know “Another idiot who thinks that is boxing”. I know it is far from boxing, but I still love watching those scenes.

Whenever, I’m undermotivated, or I want to cheat the last heavy bag workout, I think about those epic training of Sylvester Stallone, and I play the Rocky songs in my head.

I also know Sylvester Stallone is not the best actor in the world but his films are pretty good, and his life is also inspirational. He is a good example that everything is possible if you are dedicated and you believe in yourself! (Read some interesting facts about him here.)

I am not the richest, smartest or most talented person in the world, but I succeed because I keep going and going and going.
Sylvester Stallone

So, thanks Sly for everything! And keep moving forward!


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Here is a great video made from some of his best moments.


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