This Stopping You Losing Weight

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weight-loss-habitsWhat are the first things that appear in your mind when you think about losing weight?

I can read in your mind!

I’m obvious that now you think about doing exercises, having a lot of low-calorie healthy foods such as fruits and veggies and consuming less fat and sugar. These what you think about right now, don’t you?

But there is one vital factor that most of us forget, these is our habits. Human beings are creatures of habits who run almost every day in an autopilot mode.

Just think about your daily routine. You wake up in the morning, go to the bathroom, have a shower, gulp a cup of coffee down, put on your clothes, go to work and so on, and so on…. Each and every day you do almost the same things.

If your habits are good, then you can achieve your goals faster. With the help of them you can get what you want sooner or later. By focusing on weight loss, a well-balanced eating habit results in health and optimal weight.

However, the bad habits just do exactly the opposite. They can push you far away from your goals and, in this case, ruin all your weight loss efforts.

Bad habits are our weaknesses.

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Just think a little about how, when and what you eat?

Does it usually happen to you that you are bored, and you have an enormous bar of chocolate or a big bucket of ice-cream, just to do something?

Do you do same when you are sad, and you cure yourself by filling yourself with sweet things to get happiness back?

Are you among those people who never have breakfasts and by midday they are so hungry that they eat so much to that they cannot breath?

And I can ask you so many bad eating habits that make people fat and unhealthy.

The main problem is that, since we are in an autopilot mode, we do these bad habits without thinking. We know it would be better not committing them again, and afterwards we regret being weak again, but habits are stronger.

If you want to lose weight, you need to find out what your worst eating habit is. And get rid of it or replace it with a good habit.

I can hear what you say now. “It is easier said than done.”

I was in your shoes a few years ago. I used to be a night eater. Why? Because I thought if I was hungry, I could not sleep well or because I needed some compensation after a hard working day. What a stupid idea, isn’t it? It was so easy to find reasons to eat.

So I filled my stomach with almost everything I found in the fridge. I was not hungry at all since I had had dinner before, but I ate because it was a bad habit. Of course, I could not lose weight even if I worked out regularly (and pretty hard).

When I decided to give up my eat-something-before-going-to-bed routine in 2 months, I lost more than 25 pounds! And it was not hard at all! I have substituted it with other activities, such as reading a motivational book or doing yoga.

Now here is your task if you want to lose weight!

  • Think about your weaknesses. (lack of moving, eating too much or having unhealthy foods, etc.)
  • Isolate your worst habit.
  • And give it up or replace with a good habit.

The formula is as simple as that. And if you can get rid of your worst weakness, then it will much easier to give up the smaller ones.

Anyway, these method works for any goals you want to reach. Do not forget that we are creatures of habits being in an autopilot mode. Good habits bring success while bad habits make you somebody who has dreams but could never achieve them.

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