Proven Advice on How to Be Fit and Healthy at College

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I remember when I was a college student my whole day was about going to the lessons and studying. And that was true not just for the weekdays but the weekends as well.

I spend most of my days with sitting and gazing at the books or the teachers. And when I had a little free time, I spent my time with my friends drinking beer and going to parties.

Of course, after a year, I pack on over 20 pounds and physically I could not be in a worse state.

Was it my fault? Of course!

I always told myself “I have no time to exercise because learning is why I’m here.”

But the truth is, you have time for that, you want to have. I mean I had time for going to parties, watching stupid movies and chatting with my friends on the internet.

If I had not spent my time with such useless activities, I would have had time to exercise. And I would not have picked up some many pounds (that were so hard to get rid of).

Here is a shocking study about American college students made by National Cancer Institute.

A shocking 95 percent of college students fail to eat the recommended amount of fruit and vegetables (five or more servings a day), and more than 60 percent report not getting enough physical activity (three or more days of vigorous exercise for at least 20 minutes or five or more days of moderate exercise for at least 30 minutes a week). – See more here

Your college years can be much better if you pay a little bit more attention to your diet and to move. While learning is crucial for success, you should not neglect your body.

Below I gathered a few tips about how to be healthy and fit even if you have to spend a lot of time with learning. Do not be afraid, these habits are easy to follow and will not ruin your daily routine.

Work Out to Get Rid of Stress (And Be Fit)

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If you ask me when I was the most stressful in my life, I say during the college years.

I’m 33 now, but I’m far less stressful even if I have to look after my kids, pay the checks and build my business.

Do you know why? Because I spend at least 45 minutes a day with working out. I do strength training three times, and cardio twice a week. And on the other days, I walk or work in the garden.

I love working out because that is the time when I can switch my brain totally off. That time is only about me. I believe training is the best remedy against stress, not to mention that it keeps you body healthy and fit.

So, find one or more activities that you like doing.

Do you like lifting weights? Go to the gym and pump iron.
Do you prefer being outside in nature? Walk or run.
Is it better for you to be with other people? Play basketball, soccer, football, etc. I’m sure you can find a team nearby. Also, there is no college without free fitness classes.

Even if you work out 3 times a week, you make a huge step forward your wellness.

Don’t you know what is the best activity for you? Check out this post to find out.

Also, get moving whenever you can. Every little movement counts when it comes to health. Instead of using the elevator use stairs. Walk to the class and when you go shopping.

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Be Careful With Drinks You Have


If I ask what makes most of the people fat, typically the answer is junk food, fatty meat, sweet cookies, etc. That is true! But beverages are as responsible as well or perhaps more.

When I was a college student, there was no day without soda. And there were always a few bottles of beer in my fridge.

I know it is so good when we have a cold coke or when we gulp down a one or two bottles of beer after a hard day. But you should no forget that these drinks are full calories. And even if you have just a little, you take in a large portion of your daily calorie dose.

What to drink instead? Water!

Yes, it is not as tasty and will not make you happy, but it makes you healthy and helps to maintain your weight.

Drinking beer and soda is just a bad habit, you can easily get rid of by replacing with water.

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Pay Attention to Your Nutrition


When was the last time you sat down and had a wholesome breakfast? I never used to have, and I was surprised that at 11 am, I was so tired that I could not concentrate at all.

Breakfast is crucial! How could you expect from your body and brain to work all day long if you do not give them the right fuel?

I’m not talking about gulping down a cup of coffee and sweet bakery, but a wholesome breakfast that holds protein, and good carbs and fats.

I understand, that is so bad to get up in the morning and prepare something. But again, it is just a habit, and if you buy the ingredients before, it does not take more than 10 minutes.

Also, instead of popping into a fast food restaurant, and have something junk, find a place where you can eat healthy meals. I’m sure there is one near you.

You may think now, that an average college student does not have money on buying “good’ things. Yes, that is true, but you can eat well even if you are on a budget. Just check out the next video for some suggestions.



While fitting exercising and healthy eating into your busy schedule is certainly not easy, you will thank yourself in the long run. You will be more energetic, less stressful and fitter. And with that, you will be happier with your studies as well.

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