10 Easy to Follow Tips for Good Health

tips-for-good-healthThree years ago when I decided to change my lifestyle drastically to be fit and healthy, I made a long list of things I would change.

The list was long and contained huge changes such as getting rid of fatty and sweet things, exercise every day, eat more fruits and veggies, sleep more, etc.

I started it and guess what, after a week I slowly started going back to my old bad and unhealthy habits.

Now I know it was my fault. Why? Simply because I wanted to change my entire life too drastically instead of getting used to the new habits step by step. If you have ever started a strict diet plan and failed, you know what I’m talking about.

Big, sudden changes for most of the people are almost impossible to follow and do not last for long. You need to make “digestible” changes and set up smaller goals that in the end will add up. And it is true for every part of your life.

If you feel and know that you live an unhealthy lifestyle there are tiny yet efficient steps you can do. Watch the video for ten easy to follow tips. Under the video, you can find more details about these steps.


Stop Gaining Weight

Maintaining a healthy weight is crucial. If you already have some extra pounds, you need to start working on to get rid of it. If not yet you should watch out for your weight continuously. Plus, if you are lean that does not always mean you are healthy.

There are a lot of diseases associated with obesity such as high blood pressure, heart diseases, and cancer, but there are many others. Learn them from the following presentation.

Source: tufts.edu

There are three import factors to have healthy weight. These are the balanced diet, exercising, and mental health.

Read the following articles to learn how to lose weight and find eating tips for good health.

Start Walking

Walking is the best way to add exercising to your daily routine. It has both physical and mental benefits for example it is particularly helpful against stress.

Doctors suggest 10000 steps each day for optimal health. Of course, start with fewer steps and increase the amount slowly. Take every opportunity to walk, they will add up at the end of the day.

Have Breakfast

Most of us neglect the breakfast in the morning since we have to rush, but being hungry in the morning does bad for your health. It slows your metabolism; you will suffer from lack of energy, just to mention some.

A wholesome breakfast helps to refill your body after the night that leads to better physical and mental performance.

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Consume Whole Grains

Whole grains are packed with the most beneficial nutrients such as beneficial carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Regrettably, most of the Americans do not consume enough.

Refined grains that most of us have are high in starchy carbs, gluten, artificial colorings, flavorings, and chemicals. And they contain far less fiber.

Have Green Salads

There is no question that fresh vegetables and fruits are among the most nutritious foods, and they are a crucial part of a healthy nutrition. They are especially rich in various antioxidants that are vital for good health. Read more about antioxidants here.

Besides, if you consume salads, you will more like to eat less since they fill you.

However, keep in mind that most of the dressing you can buy are unhealthy. They are rich in artificial components, fat, and sugar. Thus, it is better to make your dressing from healthy ingredients.

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Eat Lean Meat

Meats are vital for a healthy diet since they are rich in protein and other micro and macro nutrients. But fatty meats are rich in unhealthy, saturated fats that increase the cholesterol level. Plus, they are loaded with calories.

Trim the fat before preparing your meals or buy lean meat.

Consume More Calcium

Calcium is a well-known mineral for bones, but some studies have proved that it also supports fat loss. Having calcium-rich foods such as dairy products will provide the daily amount naturally. Not to mention they also hold other beneficial nutrients.

Use and Buy Smaller Portions

In most of the cases, people eat until everything disappear from the package, the plate or the bottle.

The solution is simple. Use smaller plates and buy smaller bottles and packages to prevent eating more than necessary.

Pay Attention to What and How Much You Eat

In most of the houses it easy to pick something to eat. Cupboards and fridges are stuffed with tempting drinks and foods. We tend to eat something just because we are bored even if we are not hungry at all.

At the end of the day this way we take in far more calories than necessary, not to mention the quality of the food.

Next time before going to bed ask yourself what you ate. You will surely forget something.

Make list of things you eat for the next days. You will see that you consume more, in most of the cases junk, than you think.

I would like to close this post with one of my favorite health quote from Mahatma Gandi. If this quote does not motivate you to take on these small changes gradually, nothing will.

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