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Top 49 Easy to Follow Tips to Lose Weight

    Easy to Follow Tips to Lose Weight

    Easy ways to lose weight for women and men

    There are so many diets and tips to lose weight out there. Some of them work others are good for nothing. If you want to get rid of those unwanted pounds, you should change your lifestyle. That is the key.

    The biggest problem with diets is that they force you to change your life drastically, and that is the main reason most of the people just give them up after some time. On top of that, in most of the cases these fad diets bring only short results.

    “Rome was not built in a day.” Small changes in your life can bring long lasting results.

    In this post, I would like to share you some practical and easy to follow diet tips for fast weight loss and keep your body healthy. There is no need to follow all of them at once. Take one or two and gradually integrate more.

    That is what I have done, and I have been able to lose almost 50 pounds without suffering. My body fat is lower than ever before, and fitness level is the best I have ever had.

    Proven tips to lose weight naturally and permanently

    1. Regular exercising is crucial for losing weight even if it short. Have workouts at least three times a week. No matter what you do, just move! As you get familiar with it increase the length and the intensity.

    2. Sit down when you eat. Do not rush and just stuff yourself. Chew the food, enjoy the taste. You will have less.

    3. Have breakfast. Most of us neglect the breakfast which is the most import meal of the day. A nutritious breakfast provides energy, increase your metabolism and gives the nutrients your body needs for the entire day.

    4. Eat fruits at least twice a day. Fruits are rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber which supports weight loss.

    5. Reduce the amount of sweets you have, but do not get rid of entirely. A small piece of chocolate does good. Having a little bit of sweet after breakfast or lunch twice a week is not bad. But you should not forget that sugar is responsible mainly for obesity.

    6. Reduce the amount of saturated fats, especially trans fats. Avoid processed foods that are high in bad fats. Consume and cook with oils which are high in healthy fats such as Omega 3 fatty acids.

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    trans fats health problems

    7. Fry less and boil more. However, frying in olive oil is recommended since it is rich in beneficial fatty acids.

    8. Do strength training by using weights or doing bodyweight exercises. The more muscles, you have the more calories will be burned. Strength training boosts your metabolism and your endurance.

    9. Avoid fad diets and strange weight loss tips. There have been hundreds out there and at last it has been proved they are useless. Extreme weight loss tips never work!

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    10. Eat eggs, especially the white. Egg is a superfood that is rich in a lot of beneficial nutrients.

    11. Use smaller plates. Smaller portion size will help to consume less food.

    12. Forgive yourself if you slip once, but then correct it with something healthy.

    13. Learn cooking methods that use less fat and sugar. Try to use weight loss friendly foods.

    14. Have protein rich foods. Lean meat, seafood, and legumes are rich in protein. Protein rich food consumption helps to boost your metabolism, plus it is crucial for your muscles.

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    high protein food list

    15. Buy cooking magazines or books in which you can learn how you can cook low calorie and healthy meals. There are tons of healthy recipes online as well. You can find great diet food recipes for weight loss here.

    16. Add foods and drinks to your meal that fill you fast. For example, have a glass of water, more veggies and fruits, things that are rich in fiber. These are the best foods to eat to lose weight.

    17. Instead of having ice cream make yours by freezing low-fat yogurt or homemade fruit juice.

    18. While you watch television, do easy workouts and stretching. Even short workouts can help you burn many calories and be fitter.

    19. Salt is not the only way to make your foods tasty. You can decrease your salt intake by using various spices and herbs. On top of that, most of these help to boost your metabolism.

    20. Do not eat while you watch TV, at least unhealthy foods and drinks. Have fruits, vegetables, and pure water. Stop eating chips, crackers, sweets, and drinking soda.

    21. Eat more fiber. Fiber is beneficial for the digestive system, supports weight loss by keeping you satisfied for a longer time, and it has several other health benefits. Fruits, veggies, whole grains and legumes are rich in fiber and with that they are excellent foods that make you lose weight.

    22. Are you a popcorn lower? Have it without butter and lot of salt. Popcorn itself is not bad since it contains beneficial carbs.

    23. Make your plate greener. Add more vegetables to your portions and less fatty meat and starches.

    24. Have healthy snacks between the main meals. They help to keep your metabolism high and provides the energy and nutrients for your body for the entire day.

    25. Make your healthy lunch and bring it to your workplace instead of eating some junk in the nearby restaurant.

    26. If you want to give up, write down your goals and imagine yourself being slim and healthy.

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    27. Have more healthy soups. Soups made from veggies and lean meat are low in calories but make you satisfied.

    28. Are you a pizza lover? I’m as well. You can buy or make pizzas made from whole grains and with vegetable and lean meat toppings.

    29. Have cardio workouts. Cardio or aerobic exercising means activities that increase your heart rate and helps to burn calories. You can walk or jog. Running is the best but consult your doctor before.

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    30. Keep junk food away! How? Eliminate them from your kitchen cupboard and fridge.

    31. Choose a healthy restaurant. Fortunately, there are more and more places where you consume healthy meals. You may ask how your food is prepared as well.

    32. Make a healthy shopping list and stick to it.

    33. Learn to say no for the leftovers or when someone offers a second helping.

    34. If you reach one of your goals such as you lost 5 lbs, reward yourself. After losing 10 pounds, I always bought something useful for my home gym.

    35. Eat calcium-rich foods such as dairy products. Calcium is beneficial for your bones, and it even helps weight loss because it takes place in a hormone generation that is responsible for fat burning.

    36. Do not weight yourself too many times. Once a week is acceptable and do it before breakfast in the morning.

    37. Consume more water. Water is vital for health. Besides in most of the cases, we confuse thirst with hunger. Have at least 2 liters of water, eight glass daily.

    health benefits of drinking water

    38. Walk more. Walking is a one of the healthiest physical activity, and it even helps to get rid of anger and stress.

    39. If you travel a lot, do not forget exercising. You can still walk or do bodyweight workouts.

    40. Eat veggies twice or three times a week. Veggies are foods to help you lose weight seriously.

    41. Consume fewer alcoholic beverages. Most of these drinks are rich in calories. However, a glass of dry wine twice a week is OK.

    42. Tell your buddies that you want to drop pounds that is why you have changed your habits and do not let them sabotage you.

    43. Find a someone whom you can support each other.

    44. While salads are excellent, the dressings on them are not. Most of the dressing you can buy are full of fat and other artificial components. Learn to make healthy toppings.

    45. Do not give up and be consistent. That is the most important factor of successful weight loss. You do not get fat in days, so it will take a certain amount of time to get rid of it.

    46. Sleep enough. It is not only important to keep your body and mind healthy but when we feel tired we want to compensate ourselves and in most of the cases we eat something.

    47. Have dinner 2-3 hours before going to bed.

    48. Get rid of soda and other sweet beverages. They contain a lot of calories and artificial components. They are things with no nutritional value.

    49. An apple a day keeps not only the doctor away, but it even helps to get rid of belly fat.

    These are my quick tips to lose weight that I think are easy to follow. As you see the most important factors for weight loss are frequent exercising and healthy eating. These suggestions will help you not only to get in shape but also to avoid several diseases.


    What is the best diet to lose weight fast?

    For this question the answer is not easy since we are different. In addition there are so many plans out there said to be the most efficient one. You know what works for one may not good for you. However, I found a great infographic from in which the most popular diet plans are compared.

    diet plans comparison infographic

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    What are the best natural weight loss supplements?

    I do not take any supplements to lose weight just vitamins and fish oil. I have not tired any weight loss pills yet, and I think I will never. However, I found a detailed article about natural supplements that can help weight loss on WebMD, read it here.

    Have you got other tips on how to lose weight fast and easy? Share with us.


    James Wright

    James (36) has been working out since he was 15 years old. He has a home gym where he pumps iron, does bodyweight workouts and boxing. He likes sharing his experiences with others who want to build a better physique.

    2 thoughts on “Top 49 Easy to Follow Tips to Lose Weight”

    1. These sound like truly good tips. They are easy enough to follow and I think I could definitely work through them. I have trouble eating breakfast in the morning, I think that’s the first step I have to take. Also, it’s true, things that matter most, take the longest to attain.

      1. Most of the people think that in order to lose weight they need to make huge changes in their lives. But in reality, giving up a few bad habits and taking up a few good ones can bring long lasting results.

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