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Is Total Gym 1100 a Good Home Gym for at Home Training?


    Review of: Total Gym 1100

    Use: Strength Training At Home


    Provides total body workout at home.


    Provides full range of motion and supports up to 60 exercises.

    Easy of use

    Resistance can be adjusted quickly by setting the angle of the glide board.


    Compared to other home gyms it is more affordable.

    We like

    • Total body workout
    • Easy to move and store away
    • Easy Assembly
    • Great value for the money

    We don’t like

    • Not for pro users
    • Not for developing muscle mass, better for toning and fat loss.


    If you are searching for a versatile strength training equipment that allows you to strengthen and tone your entire body, then Total Gym 1100 can be a suitable product for you.

    You will have to use your bodyweight with the help of the ergonomic slide board and the handles to work different muscle groups.

    It is a very versatile product since you can perform 60 exercises, and you can increase or decrease the resistance easily by altering the angle of the board.

    It allows you to strengthen all your major muscle groups and it is suitable for almost everyone who wants to shape and strengthen muscles at home.

    What can be a better proof than the hundreds of positive user reviews it has.

    270 Reviews
    “This exercise equipment allows you to train almost every part of your body. It is worth the cost.”

    Total Gym 1100 Exercises

    From the chart below you can learn what kind of exercises you can do with the help of this versatile equipment. As you can see it is suitable for total body and cardio training. So, you can set up a Total Gym full body workout routine.

    exercise chart

    Total gym 1100 exercise chart

    Pros & Best Fetaures

    • What makes this fitness equipment unique is that it comes with a multifunction bar that you can attach to the bottom or the top of the machine. With the help of it, you will be able to perform even more types of exercises and focus on one particular muscle group more efficiently.
    • Another important feature that should be mentioned is that is a folding workout equipment. This way 1100 is great for those people who have only a little space. After folding up, it can be easily stored under the bed. Besides it is a lightweight piece of equipment.
    • Customers like it for its 6 level of resistance system based on the bodyweight. However, with the help of the mentioned multifunction bar extra resistance can be added for more advanced users. This way this home gym is perfect for basic strength and muscle building.
    • Another fact why users like it is that it is easy to set up and use. Its sliding board is ergonomically designed which means it protects your joints and makes the usage comfortable and natural. Its leg attachments and handles are comfy as well.
    • We also mention that it comes with a detailed exercise guide that not only shows you how to perform the moves efficiently and safely, but also teaches you why and how they work your muscles. Furthermore, a nutritional guide is added as well to learn what you should and should not eat to lose weight and support your muscles.
    • With the help of 1100 you can perform an efficient full-body workout in 20-25 minutes at home. There are several movements for upper body, core and lower body.


    • While 1100 is a versatile product, it is made for the average men and women who want to put on some muscle or get in shape. If you want to be serious with bodybuilding, this model is not for you, for that you should purchase free weights and more powerful machines.
    • Some users find it big when it is unfolded, so keep in mind that you will need space.
    • An important specification you should keep in mind that the maximum amount of weight it can handle is 275 lbs.
    • While its just 54 lbs, ladies may find it hard to move.
    • A few customers complain about shipping problems.

    Video Review


    Do I need something special for Total Gym 1100 assembly?

    No. It comes fully-assembled, so you do not have to care about anything.

    Can you show me an example Total gym workout plan?

    You can check out some routines for women and men here.

    What are the specifications?

    • Dimensions: 99.5 x 43.75 x 16 inches (W x H x D);
    • Maximum user weight: 275 lbs
    • Warranty: 1 year

    Are Total gym 1100 workouts good for losing weight?

    With the help of this machine you can do compound exercises. These are moves that works more than one muscle group at once. This way, you heart and lung has to work harder to “serve” those muscles, so you heart rate will increase and your body burns more calories. So, yes, this equipment can help your weight loss.

    Conclusion: If you are after an affordable strength training equipment Total Gym 1100 is for you. With the help of it you will be able to develop your muscles and with proper diet lose weight. There is reason why it is so popular and well-rated even if it is on the marker for several years now.

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