Treadmill Walking Workout to Burn Fat In Moderate Way

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treadmill walking workout

A treadmill walking workout is the best alternative for those who do not like running or for some reasons they are not allowed. While running is one of the most beneficial cardio training to lose weight and develop your endurance, walking can be as powerful as well.

Walking does not seem to be as tiring and effective as running, but studies have proved that it helps a lot to maintain good health, body weight and even has a positive impact on your mood. And if you use the treadmill that provides a lot of possibilities to alter your workout, you can get results faster.

Here you will find treadmill walking workouts for weight loss but let me show you why and how it works so well.

This type of workout is for you if:

  • You do not like running and want to train your body moderately.
  • You would like to start running, and you want to prepare your body for that.
  • You want to shape your legs, thighs, and butt.
  • You are overweight, so running is too hard for you yet.
  • You have medical problems that do not allow you to run.
  • You want to lose weight and develop your endurance without huffing and puffing.
  • You want to enjoy something during your workout such as watching TV or listening to an audiobook. (However, I think the workout time is not for that.)
  • You are a senior and want to be healthy and fit without risks.
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How to walk on treadmill for beginners

If you have not used the treadmill for walking before, you should keep a few things in mind.

Firstly, pay attention to your posture and the motion. Keep your back straight, your shoulders back and look forward. Do not bend forward or stare the floor.

Move your arms as if you were marching. This way not only your lower body but your upper body muscles are activated as well. Hence, you can burn more calories and shape more muscle groups.

If you are total beginner start with a speed that is comfortable for you and as you get better increase the speed gradually. Finally, to make your walking workout even harder you can increase the incline level of the treadmill for harder resistance.

Watch the following video for more tips on low-impact walking on the treadmill.


What is the best speed for walking on treadmill to burn fat?

Obviously, the faster you walk, the higher your heart rate is and the more calories you can burn. Typically, 4-5 MPH is the speed you can go without starting to run. However, that depends on your fitness level, hight, weight, etc. It can be less or more.

The treadmills show your current heart rate level which will help you to get into the right zone. That level is somewhere between 75-90% your target heart rate for efficient calorie burn. You can calculate your optimum heart rate here.

But, that does not mean you have to brisk walk as soon as you step on the machine. Start at a moderate pace to warm up and increase the speed gradually until you reach the optimum level.

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How many calories can you burn?

Well, it is hard to tell since it depends on the speed, time, your weight and the level of incline.

Use this calculator to get some info

Walking Calorie Calculator

How to get a more efficient walking exercise routine?

treadmill settings


While speed is an essential factor, the treadmill provides a lot of other possibilities to enhance the effectiveness of your workout routine.

For example, you can increase the incline level of the walking area. This way you have a feeling as if you were walking up a hill. That requires higher muscle strength and cardio, so you can burn more fat and develop your endurance even better. The best treadmills let you go up to 15% inline level. That is pretty hard.

Also, treadmills come with inbuilt programs, or you can create yours, when the speed and/or the incline level change in a given time interval. For example, you brisk walk for 1 minute, then have 1-minute slow walk, and you have 10 rounds.

But, possibilities are endless since you can combine the time, the speed, the incline level as you want. You can find a few incline walking workout plans below.

This type of workout is the interval training which is proven to be a mighty way to lose weight fast while you exercise. Also, it boosts your metabolism, so you burn calories after hours you have finished your walking workout. Hence, it is far better than steady walk.

So, can you lose weight by walking on a treadmill?

Sure! It is a perfect type of training for anyone how to wants to burn calories in a healthy and moderate way.

Treadmill walking workout plans

Now, let see a few sample cardio workouts you can follow or help to create your own.

30 minute elevated treadmill walking interval workout

This is a perfect example with various speed and incline level. You start slowly, then gradually the pace and slope get higher. The middle of the routine is difficult, and then it slows you down gradually. It is better for someone who has a decent fitness level.

30 minute walking cardio treadmill



Here is a similar HIIT workout (high interval training).

25 minute walking training

Walking program to lose weight | Credit:


For beginners

This program is not as hard as the previous ones having lighter inline levels and slow speed. It suitable for you if you are totally new to fitness.

beginner walking routine

Walking incline treadmill workout



I hope, you find this guide useful, and you agree that walking on a treadmill to lose weight is a convincing low-impact workout. If running is not for you, just do it. Do not underestimate the power of such a simple activity like walking.

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  1. Johann

    I really enjoy this article.
    Not at least because I have stressed that people can get a big benefit of walking on the treadmill as an important part in their training. I think it is a big myth that you can only use treadmills for running.
    A treadmill has so many possibilities, you can even using it for the hands.
    In my opinion is important to mix your training, it is good for the mood and for the body. Sometimes walk outside, sometimes on treadmills. Or running but it is not all people which can do it, and like you mention you can a huge benefit in your training with the focus on walking on it.

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