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7 Common Treadmill Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Workout

    treadmill mistakes

    There is no question that training on the treadmill has so many benefits. For example, you are independent of the weather. You can set your workout intensity, and it is even safer than running outside.

    But treadmill training has its dangers as well. You should pay attention to a few rules to avoid injuries and to maximize the outcome from your workouts.

    Below I have gathered the most common treadmill workout mistakes beginners commit when they start.

    Avoid These Mistakes (How to use a treadmill effectively)

    1. Neglecting Warming Up, Stretching & Cooling Down

    One terrible mistake of beginners is that they jump on the machine, set the program and start running like mad. And at the end, they have pain here and there.

    If you run outside, how do you start your training?

    I guess with warming up and stretching. That is what you must do as well before using the treadmill.

    Check out the video below to see how to prepare your body before using the running machine.


    Also, has it ever happened to you that you jumped off the treadmill, and you feel dizzy? The reason for that bad feeling may have been you did not spend time with cooling own.

    If you jump off the running machine as soon as you completed your program, your pulse and blood pressure drop down too fast. And that leads to that dizzy and uncomfortable feeling.

    The solution.

    After finishing the program, have a 5-15 minutes light walking or maybe jogging to allow time for your body to slow down.

    2. Hanging on Handle (proper running form on treadmill)

    It is not rare to see people in the gyms using a treadmill as if they were glued to the handle. They look like as if their lower body runs after their upper body.

    This posture looks not only amusing but also has many disadvantages. It can cause shoulder, neck and back pain.

    Also, this bad running posture tricks you. You feel that you can exercise harder and take longer distance, but just the opposite happens. It makes the training easier, so even if you have better results on the display panel, you perform worse.


    Forget the handles and run on the treadmill as if you were running outside.

    The following infographic will teach you how.

    proper running form

    Image credit: | Running posture treadmill


    3. Jumping Off the Moving Machine

    I’m sure you have already seen those funny, but dangerous, videos about treadmill accidents. If you need something or go the lavatory, always stop the machine before. The best is if you prepare everything (water, towel, etc.) in advance, so you will not have to stop your workout.

    4. Your Workout is Not Intensive Enough

    If you have not a single drop of perspiration on your face while you train, you must be sure that your workout is not intense enough.

    I have seen people reading magazines, pushing the button on their cell phones and chatting with others. If they can do those activities, I’m sure they do not do their best. Hence, their workout is a waste of time. You can’t do these useless activities while you run outside, can you?

    There is no need to get off dead from the machine, but you should challenge yourself regularly. Try interval training, and use the inbuilt programs of the treadmill.

    5. Wearing Not Suitable Clothes

    No matter what kind of sport we do, dressing in the right type of clothes is vital for comfort and avoiding injuries.

    In the case of treadmill training, a good pair of running shoes is the most important thing for sure. Using not suitable shoes will kill your joints and muscles, and also decrease your performance. Also, have clothes that fit your body and lead away the sweat.

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    6. Running On Hardest Level

    Beginners think that having a hard workout means that we switch the running machine to do the highest level, and run until we fall dead.

    The problem is that this type of training is not only not so efficient but also can cause injuries. Do not use the hardest and most steep angle for more than 5 minutes continuously.

    You can burn more fat and develop your endurance more efficiently if you combine tough sessions with easier ones (interval training).

    Also, using more than 7% angle on the treadmill put stress on your lower back, and ankle and knee joints.

    7. Running at the Same Speed

    In most of the cases, running at the same tempo for a long time is not suitable for most of the people. It is for athletes, and not for those whose primary aim is to lose weight and develop cardio.

    You should plan your running workout. Start with warming up, gradually increase the speed, and then adjust the hardness by doing sprints, lighter sessions, etc.

    If you follow the tips above, you can maximize the outcome from your treadmill workouts and avoid injuries. You have to learn how to use this powerful equipment correctly, before switching to a “higher level”. You should test and experience what works for you before.

    If you think about purchasing a machine for home, we have a complete guide on how to choose the right treadmill.

    More info on how to use the treadmill effectively

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